User Experience

Design Digital and Physical Products

Be exposed in different applications of User Experience, from Hardware Design, Software and Firmware, Design, Research and Testing.


Culture of Lexmark Design First Thinking

We're dedicated to pursuing Design First Thinking, based on Lexmark's vision of helping customers make a lasting impression on their world. This culture lays the groundwork for the company's growth and UX maturity by driving value and creating exceptional experiences for our users.

David worked as a UI designer and software engineer right after college. He decided to move to the user experience field after realizing that he loves solving problems through design and research.

He has been with Lexmark for over four years as a Senior Product Usability Engineer. He works with cross-functional teams and other designers, ensuring that our printers are usable, delightful, and intuitive. Combining his software engineering expertise with his design and research skills, he devises creative, meaningful, and valuable solutions for our customers.

Aside from his passion for technology, he likes playing competitive games and football with his friends.

Large Global Community in Lexmark

Lexmark has a diverse and global design community from User Experience, Visual Design, Industrial Design, Illustration, and Video and Animation. With more than 100 designers and creatives across the organization, there's a lot of opportunity for growth, learning, and collaboration.