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Document Security

Safe, secure document management for Federal employees

Lexmark provides for state of the art document security for our Federal customers.We have built strong features to ensure that all printing and scanning security needs are met. You can view our security overview white paper for our overall capabilities.

Lexmark also provide document control capabilities. Our Security Stamp can be built into our colour and monochrome laser devices to provide a stamp on all pages printed from the printer that cannot be copied accurately, thus ensuring originality of the printed document. Additionally, the stamp provides a time and date stamp and printer ID so you have traceability to the printer then to the person who printed the document. 

The second document control option is through the use of RFID tags. Lexmark has the ability to code an RFID antennae embedded in paper such that a document can be identified as controlled. This control then allows you to perform the following:

  • Track the movement of a document within your facility
  • Prevent unauthorised removal of the document from the facility
  • Prevent copying of the document if the tag identifies it as not to be copied
  • Trace the document back to the original owner

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