At Lexmark, our business success is based on our valuable resources – our employees and we are committed to assisting our employees be in the best state they can be. We offer our employees a range of competitive welfare benefits to feel working with us a truly fulfilling and rewarding experience.

Work life balance is especially essential at Lexmark. We have a comprehensive health and wellness package which provides you coverage of outpatient medical expenses, dental benefits, health screening as well as personal wellness program. 

Based on Lexmark’s corporate health insurance coverage program, we also insure you with respective essential group insurance plans during your employment with us. There is also a welfare committee that ensures you can take part in activities which support a healthy, balanced life.

Rapid change requires a skilled, knowledgeable workforce with employees who are adaptive, flexible and dynamic. Therefore, employee development is a key Lexmark business process driven by business strategies and needs guided by our business unit leaders. We encourage our individual employees to learn and develop while working at Lexmark. They have direct access to our e-learning platform of around 2,000 courses ranging from Management, Leadership, Finance, Human Resources, IT, Sales and Customer Facing Skills, Professional Effectiveness, Personal Development and many more. This facilitate our staff overall continuous learning and development opportunities from these course programs via this 24x7 learning platform tool.

Having Corporate Citizenship as one of Lexmark’s core values, Lexmark is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and we encourage our employees to contribute to the communities in which we live and work. This includes supporting you to be involved in volunteer activities in the community. We have the annual Volunteer of Year (VOY) Award in rewarding and recognizing the winning employee selected among all country geographies.