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Katherine Chao

Katherine Chao is a Partner at CG Uhlenberg LLP. Kathy has practiced over 24 years in public accounting providing accounting, auditing, tax services, management advice and business strategy consulting to clients in industries ranging from high-tech, biotech, venture capital, real estate development and management, professional services, governmental entities and many more.  Other areas of expertise include international tax compliance and planning for multinational companies, transfer pricing analysis and studies.  Served clients ranging from individuals, trusts, estates, partnerships, closely held corporations to publicly traded corporations.

Prior to becoming a partner at CG Uhlenberg LLP, Kathy was part of the finance department team at Oracle Corporation, one of the largest integrated application and database companies in the world.  She became a partner at CG Uhlenberg LLP in 1998.  CG Uhlenberg was founded in 1927 and became a partnership in 1947. Kathy has been the partner in-charge of a full array of clients in the public and private sectors.  Along with her partner, who was an elected official of the local government, she has extensive experiences in auditing governmental entities and providing assurance for entities receiving federal and state grants as well as operational reviews.  

Kathy has been a partner in-charge for many industry companies, performing financial statements audits of entities in the computer hardware, software, e-commerce businesses.  Above and beyond the standard auditing and tax services provided to publicly-traded and privately-held companies, she is heavily involved at both the financial and operational level of hundreds of her clients.  For instance, she consulted in the recent Corning’s acquisition of Alliance Fiber Optic Products.  For the past few years, she was involved in the analysis and planning of the transfer pricing structure of the multi-national related transactions of Broadvision.

Fluent in several Chinese dialects, Kathy is able to bridge culture differences of the East and West.  Many of her clients have either parent companies or subsidiaries in Asia.  Understanding and being able to express the views and concerns of both cultures can play a large part in the success of meeting management needs while maintaining integrity in the business operations.  She often finds these skills instrumental in numerous situations during her career.