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Wenhong Kevin Sun

During the past decade, Dr.  Wenhong  Kevin  Sun  has  served  as  the  R&D  director  for  United  States  SETi  Company,  which  is  the  world’s  first  company  developed  the  world’s  first  short-wavelength  ultraviolet  UV  LED  and  has  the  source technology for Radio-Frequency Devices.  SETi’s UV LED chip patents are critical components in the aerospace and defense industries. Dr. Sun is the officer  in  charge  of  ITAR   (International  Traffic  Arms  Regulations)  related  projects  (  managing  ITAR  restriction  area,  preparing  ITAR  reports  and  collecting    data)  under  national  security  requirements.    Dr.  Sun  is  the  director  for  the  projects  granted  by  US  government  such  as   Department  of  Defense (DOD),  Defense  Advanced  Research  Projects  Agency  (DARPA)  and  National  Science  Foundation  (NSF). Dr. Sun is responsible for the development of cutting-edge technologies for use by  the  military.  He  has  obtained  over  20  US  patents  and  published over  50  papers. Due to his achievements in his research fields, he has been invited to  be  a  plenary  speaker  or  session  chair  on    international  conferences  of  nitride semiconductor ( such as IWN, ICNS and MRS). 

Dr.  Sun  is  the  leading  officer  to  carry  out  several  DARPA  funded  projects,  for  example  “Compact  Mid-Ultraviolet  Technology  (CMUVT)  program”,    “High  Power  AlInGaN-Based  Deep  Ultraviolet  Light  Emitting  Diodes”  and  “Laser  UV  Sources   for   Tactical   Efficient   Raman”.     Based   on   Dr.   Sun’s   R&D   source  technologies  and  patents  for  UV  LEDs,  the  company  successfully  developed  the  mass-production technology.    Recently, the foreign investor took shares of SETi after the approval of DOD and CFIUS by passing ITAR inspections.  

Dr. Sun established Non-profit Organization   (NPO, 501 (3c) ) Laozi Academy in Sept. 2009 and was appointed as a President, and has served under this position in this organization. He has also been a board member of Chinese Association of Columbia (CAC). 

In 2002, Dr. Sun joined Department of Electrical Engineering at University of South Carolina as Associate Professor and participated in projects funded by DARPA and DOD. He was awarded JSAP Outstanding Paper for the Best Original Paper, 2005, Japan. 

Before joining  University  of  South  Carolina,  as  a  leading  scientist  and  group  leader, he  served  in Institute of Material  Research & Engineering in Singapore. He sponsored the key blue laser project funded by FQD (Fujitsu Quantum Devices Ltd).