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Lexmark Thought Leadership

Driving the digital future for transformational change

Cloud with arrows and dots moving forward and backward.

Support digital transformation initiatives with cloud-based print infrastructure

A simple solution for print ecosystem challenges

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New IDC study shows cloud migration is top DX priority, but lingering print infrastructure stands in the way

Why print should be part of your DX strategy

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When technology drives business, make sure transformation is the destination

With focus, you can avoid the ‘science fair’ approach

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As-a-service solutions offer CIOs financial flexibility in uncertain times

As-a-service offerings are in demand by CIOs seeking to access the latest technologies with minimal upfront investment, while offering a way to manage financial risk.

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IoT fuels Lexmark innovation

Driving print into the digital age enables Lexmark to solve customer problems in amazing new ways.

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Print infrastructure is so yesterday

Leveraging cloud and IoT technology, Lexmark Cloud Print Infrastructure as a Service allows you to dramatically simplify your print environment.

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Protecting our house—and yours

CISO Bryan Willett explains how Lexmark’s award-winning security practices help protect your information. Be sure to watch the video at the end of the post.

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Ways the cloud is set to transform biz printing

A cloud-based suite of services lets you reduce infrastructure requirements for print, simplify device management and provide print solutions that enhance productivity and flexibility.