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Job Title:

Mechanical HW Engineer Student (summer)

Business Area:

College co-op/internship


Lexington, KY USA

Job ID:


Mechanical HW Engineer Student (summer)

Fuser Technology & Hardware Development Co-op Job Description

Mechanical Engineering student working on the development of fuser hardware for electrophotographic printer technology. 

Work may encompass one or more areas of engineering including mechanical and electrical analysis, design, and testing. Duties will include research, evaluation, experimentation, documentation, communication, and application of new designs and processes into products.

Detailed assignments:

* Collecting mechanical test data including torque, force, temperature, wear, and dimensional measurements.

* Perform statistical analysis of data, draw conclusions, and make recommendations for action.

* Analytical analysis of thermal, tolerances, and forces within the laser printer system.

* Mechanical design of components and subsystems for laser printers.

* Procurement and fabrication of prototype parts and assemblies.

* Performance verification of printer subsystems and printers.

* Root cause determination of mechanical problems, corrective action identification and implementation of solutions in laser printers.

Desired Attributes:
* Strong written, graphical, and oral communication skills
* Ability to accurately analyze test data, make recommendations, and take effective action
* Self motivated and persistent
* Adapts to changing requirements and project needs
* Produces output aligned with departmental and project standards
* Demonstrates ability to function and thrive within team environment

Position is advertised for a Co-operative education program student who will be able to work repeating, alternating semesters, but single semester interns and part time students will also be considered.

Minimum 3.0 GPA required.