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Embedded Security Firmware - Summer Student/Fall Co-op

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College co-op/internship


Lexington, KY USA

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Embedded Security Firmware - Summer Student/Fall Co-op

Lexmark’s Embedded Security Team is a collaborative development team that is responsible for developing security solutions for both monochrome & color laser printer products. 

The primary responsibilities of this role are focused on the development, implementation, & testing of Firmware utilized to interface with custom Security ASICs that reside on Lexmark products. The nature of this firmware centers on secure authentication & will be written for multiple printer platforms with various security architectures.  

Responsibilities may include (but not limited to): 

  • Implementing various secure authentication methods/standards & other cryptographic functions for custom Security ASICs. 

  • Exploring, developing, & implementing code to further strengthen various security architectures & infrastructures associated with the general use & manufacturing of genuine supply items.  

  • Collaborating cross-functional development teams to implement secure solutions for both printer development & manufacturing activities. 

Learning opportunities for this role include (but not limited to): 

  • Obtaining knowledge about the latest advancements in technologies utilized to protect secure ICs from various types of security attacks. 

  • Gaining an understanding on how to further strengthen devices through both HW & FW system resources to reduce vulnerabilities.  

  • General software engineering practices (requirements engineering, peer code review, unit testing, functional integration testing, etc.) 

C and C++ experience required 

This is a full time (40 hours/week) position during the Spring & Summer semesters.