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Contract Admin/Negot Sr Mgr

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Lexington, KY USA

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Contract Admin/Negot Sr Mgr

Plans, organizes and controls the Manage Print Services (MPS), Channel and Software contracts within a region or geography of Lexmark’s.  Works with customers, account executive teams, and Lexmark Leadership to drive development and negotiation of Lexmark MPS Agreements, Software Agreements and Professional Service Agreements.


  • Develop and maintain customer MPS agreements.  Responsible for development and administration of terms and conditions associated with Lexmark’s MPS offerings in regional market including original agreements, amendments, confidentiality agreements and software license related agreements.
  • Review and understand contract compliance challenges related to leasing, including governmental and regulatory compliance.  Review customer proposed contracts, bid packages and requests for proposal and advise management teams regarding contractual risks and risk mitigation strategies.   
  • Assist in developing and enhancing Lexmark’s global privacy, data protection and security programs.
  • Identify and quantify economic and operational exposure proposed in managed print solutions and service opportunities.  Must be capable of clearly outlining such exposures and opportunities to the Lexmark management team so that informed decisions can be made.​​
  • Work with Sales and Operations while being responsive to treasury and finance functions on deal structure and terms.    



  • Minimum five (5) years experience in developing contracts, contract management and contract administration is required.
  • Business Management experience with increasing levels of responsibility.  Experience should include legal, business modeling, and risk management.
  • Strong understanding of legal concepts, terms and implications is a must.
  • Significant prior experience interacting and negotiating contracts, agreements with customers, including executives.
  • Extensive knowledge of U.S. and European privacy laws.
  • Strong Communication and negotiation skills.  Ability to take complex subjects and legal concepts and put them in easy to understand terms with others in discussions and negotiations.
  • Well-developed interpersonal skills.  Ability to get along well in diverse cultures with diverse personalities.
  • Ability to establish credibility and be decisive—but able to recognize and support the organization’s preferences and priorities.


  • Accountable to Lexmark General Counsel, Americas & Asia-Pacific


  • BA/BS or MBA graduate degree required
  • Law education (JD) preferred, but not required