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Seattle – An artistic metropolis on the edge of nature

Lexmark’s Seattle office is home to a team that primarily focuses on developing, implementing and supporting retail signage solutions. Located in an urban warehouse at the north end of the Belltown district, the Seattle office is close to Waterfront Park, the Space Needle and the Experience Music Project.

The Lexmark retail signage solution is a unique and powerful system for printing and publishing shelf signs, labels and tags. The system is licensed for use by retailers in over 55 countries, 25 languages and more than 60,000 stores, including some of the world's top 100 retailers. The Seattle team focuses on product development and research, quality assurance, implementing customer projects, sales and marketing.

Living in Seattle

Seattle is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and flanked by mountain terrain – to the west are the Olympic Mountains, and to the east is the Cascade Range. An artistic, urban city with a flair for the outdoors, Seattle is also a flourishing metropolis driven by a diverse economy and strong entrepreneurial spirit. Learn more about living in Seattle at