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Discover an innovative, ‘unique object’ technology developed to bridge the physical and digital worlds

Let’s change how the world authenticates

With CryptoAnchor, we applied the same discipline propelled by decades of experience battling counterfeit printer supplies and managing a worldwide supply chain into managing physical device authentications


Random and intrinsically unique


High entropy and multi-dimensional


Reliably and confidently recognized


Protecting your awesome stuff

Magnetized particles randomly dispersed within a substrate generate high-entropy, multi-dimensional magnetic fingerprints that deliver an unprecedented level of security. Plus the physical form and structure of these fingerprints can be customized to meet the specific needs of your application.

Overt Exposed

The unique ID primitive is visibly obvious, so others know that a product, component or service item is protected by the CryptoAnchor ecosystem. Scan locations are easy to see and quick to measure.

Covert Hidden

The ID primitive can be painted, obscured, or even molded into objects themselves. Others cannot see that a CryptoAnchor unique device exists, yet it can be scanned, managed and tracked by our systems.

Forensic Investigate

Use CryptoAnchor management software's monitoring capability to dive deeper into object scans and determine where objects have been, when they were there and who made the authorization scan.

industry Applications

With the rise in counterfeit goods, the need to verify authenticity and trust the supply chain is more critical than ever.

Packaging Icons

Packaging and Labels

To ensure that packaged goods are original, CryptoAnchor can be incorporated into security labels and straps, and shipped items can be verified as original goods.

Service Parts Icons

Service Parts

Liability over the use of original service parts can be limited with CryptoAnchor by tracking and verifying replacement date and time along with part authenticity.

Pharmaceutical Icons


To ensure pharmaceutical security, CryptoAnchor can be attached to pill bottles, bulk-packages and vaccine vials to combat prescription drug counterfeiters.

Electronics Icons

Electronics and ICs

CryptoAnchor can be adhered to or built into chip casings, printed circuit boards (PCBs) and other electrical components and assemblies.

Counterfeit impact

It's everywhere

With the rise of worldwide manufacturing, counterfeiting has become easier and tracking the origin of malicious products is more difficult. Companies must be vigilant and continually select technologies to help maintain product authenticity to protect their consumers.

The pharmaceuticals industry is increasingly investing in countermeasures, primarily in logistics and secure supply chain management, to minimize the impact of counterfeit drugs. With a targeted full implementation by 2023, The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) will establish an electronic, interoperable system to identify and trace certain prescription drugs as they move through the U.S. supply chain. However, the DSCSA continues to rely on traditional, easily duplicated, printed barcode labels. CryptoAnchor brings a whole new level of security to pharmaceuticals due to its irreproducibility in pill bottles, bulk packages and vaccine viles.*

*Jung, C. T. (2018, April). Working Towards Enhanced Drug Distribution Security in the U.S. Retrieved from

The consequences of counterfeit integrated circuits (ICs) can be devastating when critical systems fail. Estimates show that electronics vendors miss out on $100 billion in revenue due to counterfeiting, and roughly 1 percent of semiconductor sales are estimated to be counterfeit.

Guin, U. et al. (2014, August). Counterfeit Integrated Circuits: A Rising Threat in Global Semiconductor Supply Chain. Retrieved from

Your most valuable assets need secure packaging. Traditional security labels are uniquely serialized and often include a holographic element. However, in the realm of elements necessary to clone a toner cartridge, the holographic security label is among the easiest components to reproduce.

The auto industry alone takes a $3 billion hit annually from counterfeit parts, resulting in significant financial impacts including recalls, lawsuits and maintenance issues. For example, 1.5 million injuries and 36,000 deaths are linked to counterfeit auto parts each year.

Gorenc, L. (2007, January). Counterfeit Automotive Replacement Parts Entering DOD Procurement System. Retrieved from

Protecting their brand and ensuring merchandise quality is critical for luxury retailers. However, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency seized 31,560 shipments in 2016, which is a nine percent increase over the prior year. Had they been genuine, the estimated manufacturer’s suggested retail price of seized goods was over $1.38 billion. Most of the counterfeit seizures are of luxury goods including watches, jewelry, electronics and similar high-end goods.§

§U.S. Customs and Border Protection. (2017, January). CBP, ICE Seize Record Number of Shipments with Intellectual Property Rights Violations in FY2016. Retrieved from


Securing what matters to you

A security and authentication system is only as strong as its weakest link. For this reason, we've worked hard to ensure the CryptoAnchor ecosystem is secure. From irreproducible tags, to secure reader hardware, encrypted data analysis and user visualization, the entire CryptoAnchor system was designed to help you protect your company’s most valuable assets.

Tag Elements Unique magnetic fingerprints

CryptoAnchor tags contain highly magnetized rare earth metals of random shape, size, and rotation. These premagnitized metal flakes are suspended in fixed position within a binder resin. The randomly oriented magnetic fields generated by each particle come together to form a multi-dimensional magnetic fingerprint. This unique technology ensures an innovative level of security not found in other products.

  • Application specific binders
  • Robust to environment:
    • Scratch Resistant
    • Waterproof
    • Temperate
  • Overt or covert
  • Injection molded (optional)
  • Inexpensive
  • Irreproducible

Magnetic reader technologY suited to your application

A reader device accurately captures the magnetic fingerprint of a CryptoAnchor tag. Application specific requirements will inevitably drive the selection of the most appropriate reader technology. Readers are built using a variety of magnetic sensing topologies that can be customized for your unique enterprise applications.

  • Local of networked validation
  • Mobile
  • Handheld scanner
  • Single Hall sensor swipe
  • Multi-sensor arrays
  • Configurable X/Y/Z field capture
  • Scan Frequency
  • Multi-Layered Security
  • User Credentialed

application specific configurable to meet your requirements

Different applications call for different levels tag uniqueness. The level of magnetic entropy represented within a CryptoAnchor tag can be intentionally controlled to meet application specific cost and security requirements.

  • Particle density
  • Tag size
  • Tag thickness
  • Particle size
  • Hardware Reader Resolution

Software environment secure cloud-backed ecosystem

Developed to enable a trusted and secure supply chain, the CryptoAnchor software system consists of both a mobile authentication app and a web based administrative portal. The portal offers administrators the ability to control user roles, access and scan permissions.

Built using secure industry standards:

  • Secure User Authentication
  • Data Encryption
  • Secure network communication
  • Data Isolation
  • Blockchain (optional)


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Lexmark Ventures


Supplementing decades of imaging industry success, Lexmark Ventures is reaching beyond print and imaging to leverage our multidisciplinary talents in engineering, global supply chain and market development.

CryptoAnchor is one of those solutions that provides an ecosystem for thwarting counterfeit physical items.

Technology Driven

Lexmark’s core engineering resources are focued on developing complex connected electromechanical devices. As such, we maintain core skills in the areas of mechanical, electrical and software engineering.

We have displayed and remotely managed complex IoT devices for decades and are highly skilled at bringing products to market.