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Lexmark News Blog

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        • NewsBlog Nov 13 Test

          Lexmark solutions for banking help you get a handle on documents and information with content management, process tools, print and output management - so you can drive down costs and

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        • Sample NewsBlog on Oct 31

          Managed print services: See what’s possible with Lexmark MPS

          “An average 14% of revenue1.” It’s what most global companies today are wasting on document-related tasks and sorely inefficient printing practices. Eighty

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        • Solutions for Manufacturing

          Solutions for better insights and bigger impact

          Can you see the full picture of your manufacturing operations? Not if you’re using manual steps to bridge the gap between paper and digital

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        • Dips Test Blog

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        • Innovation Friday: The latest in technology

          Welcome to Innovation Friday. Each week we surf the World Wide Web in search of what’s hot in the world of innovation and technology and share our finds here with

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        • Lexmarker leads launch of Kentucky Women in Manufacturing chapter

          Despite making up about 47 percent of the U.S. workforce, women only account for about 27 percent of manufacturing workers. A national association called Women in Manufac

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