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Content extraction and file format conversion are key behind-the-scenes capabilities for many enterprise and personal software solutions. These capabilities, though, are not core competencies for most independent software vendors (ISVs), developers, or cloud solution providers. Rather than investing heavily in time and resources to build their own tools, it often makes better business sense to partner with a best-in-class content extraction and file format conversion provider.

Lexmark Enterprise Software is both a preferred and proven enterprise choice. Many factors contribute to the choice of a best-in-class OEM software technology provider. These factors typically include technical capabilities, reliability and performance, as well as business considerations, such as licensing terms and vendor responsiveness.

Switching providers is a serious matter that requires a business case based on benefits and costs. This document explains why Perceptive Document Filters is a preferred file conversion and extraction technology provider, maps evaluation and implementation steps, and provides justification for the decision to upgrade from either a current provider, or from a do-it-yourself approach—to Perceptive Document Filters.

Learn here how your software product can benefit from Document Filters and why IBM, Cisco and EMC choose Document Filters.

Outline of the whitepaper:

  • Choose a trusted partner
  • Business scenarios
  • The User experience factor
  • The technical strength factor
  • In the works
  • Critical business factors
  • Customer success stories
  • Make the case