SAP: Custom Device Types

As an SAP Global Technology Partner and a member of the SAP Printer Vendor program, Lexmark collaborates with SAP to develop device types that support the unique features of Lexmark printers and MPFs. Lexmark has access to specific SAP development environments that are necessary to optimize support for their devices operating within customers’ SAP environments.

Lexmark's custom device types for mySAP Business Suite solutions® enable support for more printer options and features than the standard SAP® device types. You can now address multiple paper input trays (up to 5) and multiple output bins (up to 11), print your documents in duplex mode, select the print resolution and select toner options.

Lexmark printers with Lexmark's Bar Code Card or the Forms and Bar Code Card option get even more powerful when you address them from your mySAP Business Suite e-business platform with Lexmark's custom device types, allowing you to create more than 47 one- or two-dimensional bar codes including PDF417 and MaxiCode.

Using custom device types, you can print images of multiple pages on one page to give you images of two, four, six, nine, twelve or even sixteen pages on one sheet of paper. This is called Multi-up or Multipage Printing and can be used independently of the SAP application. Multi-up printing can give you great savings on toner and paper reducing your printing expenses.

With the Lexmark device types you can make use of the finishing capabilities of the Lexmark finishers, including hole punching, stapling, offset or jogging of output without any additional programming.

Technical Description

SAP provides its own spooling and printing system within the mySAP Business Suite solution or SAP R/3® application to enable a uniform interface for all printing functions, independently of system platforms.

In the SAP R/3 spool system, a device type contains the information needed to format data for output on a particular type of printer or fax. A typical R/3 device type contains the same information that a printer driver does in a Microsoft Windows system -- all the information needed to make an output-ready data stream for the device.

SAP Device Type Files developed via SAP® Printer Vendor Program

Device Device Type File

Lexmark XM7270 models


Lexmark XM7263 models

Lexmark XM5270 models

Lexmark XM5263 models

Lexmark XC9200 models

Device Device Type File

Lexmark C540 models 

Lexmark C543 models 

Lexmark C544 models 

Lexmark C546 models 

Lexmark C734 models 

Lexmark C736 models 

Lexmark C740 models 

Lexmark C782 models 

Lexmark C792e models 

Lexmark C925de models 

Lexmark C935 models 

Lexmark C950 models

Device Device Type File

Lexmark CS310 models 

Lexmark CS410 models 

Lexmark CS510 models 

Lexmark CS720 models 

Lexmark CS820 models 

Lexmark CS920 models

Device Device Type File

Lexmark CX310 models 

Lexmark CX410 models

Lexmark CX510 models 

Lexmark CX725 models 

Lexmark CX820 models 

Lexmark CX860 models 

Lexmark CX920 models

Device Device Type File

Lexmark E260 models

Lexmark E360 models

Lexmark E460 models

Lexmark E462 models

Device Device Type File

Lexmark MS310 models

Lexmark MS410 models

Lexmark MS510 models

Lexmark MS610 models

Lexmark MS710 models

Lexmark MS711 models

Lexmark MS810 models

Lexmark MS811 models

Lexmark MS812 models

Lexmark MS911 models

Device Device Type File

Lexmark MX310 models

Lexmark MX410 models

Lexmark MX510 models

Lexmark MX511 models

Lexmark MX610 models

Lexmark MX611 models

Lexmark MX710 models

Lexmark MX711 models

Lexmark MX810 models

Lexmark MX811 models

Lexmark MX812 models

Lexmark MX910 models

Lexmark MX911 models

Lexmark MX912 models

Device Device Type File

Lexmark Pro4000 models

Lexmark Pro5500 models

Device Device Type File

Lexmark T644 models

Lexmark T650 models

Lexmark T652 models

Lexmark T654 models

Lexmark T656 models

Lexmark W850 models

Device Device Type File

Lexmark X264 models

Lexmark X363 models

Lexmark X364 models

Lexmark X463 models

Lexmark X466 models

Lexmark X543 models

Lexmark X544 models

Lexmark X548 models

Lexmark X642e models

Lexmark X644e models

Lexmark X646e models

Lexmark X651de models

Lexmark X654de models

Lexmark X658de models

Lexmark X734 models

Lexmark X736 models

Lexmark X738 models

Lexmark X740 models

Lexmark X782e models

Lexmark X792de models

Lexmark X850e models

Lexmark X852e models

Lexmark X854e models

Lexmark X860 models

Lexmark X862 models

Lexmark X864 models

Lexmark X925de models

Lexmark X940e models

Lexmark X945e models

Lexmark X950 models

SAP Device Type Files and Installation Documentation for Legacy Devices

Download the Device Type for the printer or product you have. Note that all device types support only the PCL data stream.

Device Type File Purpose Supported SAP Release Last Updated Installation Instructions Comments

Portrait format

R/3 4.5A and higher


Note 1 below

A4 format media

Wide format

R/3 4.5A and higher


Note 1 below

A3 format media

Legacy A4

R/3 4.0B and lower


Note 2 below

Includes support for Lexmark Bar Code options

RDI Device Type

R/3 4.0B and higher


Note 2 below

Used with Lexmark Forms Card option

Unicode (UTF-8)

R/3 4.6C and higher*


Note 2 below

Works with International Printing for mySAP Business Suite

Dot Matrix: 4227

R/3 4.0A and higher


Note 2 below

Supports many types of dot matrix printers

Russian and Greek

R/3 4.0A and higher


See OSS Note 8928

Latin 5

Asian font(DBCS)

R/3 4.0A and higher


Japanese ZJPLX522
Simpified Chinese,
Traditional Chinese
ZTWLX522 +
Codepage 9816
Korean ZKPLX522 +
Codepage 9516

Requires Lexmark Font Card

* R/3 Enterprise and higher required for Unicode database support. R/3 4.6C and 4.6D may be used to debug ABAP Unicode enabled routines.

Note 1: Readme [.txt]
Note 2: Device Type Install [.txt] or R/3 Install [.pdf]