Secure Digital Signature and Fraud Risk Management

Customer signatures are a nearly universal element of the critical First Mile™ of business engagement, and Kofax signature solutions simplify, speed and secure the collection and management of those signatures.

Kofax SignDoc® e-signature-enables any business process, enriching the customer experience, improving operational efficiencies, and significantly reducing paper-related costs, including storage and routing.

Kofax FraudOne® combats check fraud and minimizes exposure with flexible fraud detection options, including real-time verification at the point of capture and in-clearing. Its speed and accuracy in identifying potential fraud can also be leveraged in non-banking applications, helpings you to further enhance the customer experience without increasing your fraud exposure.

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Kofax SignDoc

Transform your customer experiences via a digital process with e-signatures

Kofax FraudOne

Detect check fraud in real time with an image-based solution

Kofax SignDoc SDK

Transform the customer experience with a digital process that accelerates workflows, reduces costs and detects fraud