Recycle Inkjet Cartridges

Protecting the environment is part of our nature

As a provider of printing solutions, Lexmark produces and distributes millions of supplies each year, including ink, toner and paper. Lexmark understands its unique environmental responsibility and has implemented the Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program to encourage you, our customer, to easily recycle your empty Lexmark inkjet cartridges – at absolutely no cost to you*.

The Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program includes various methods of return and sponsors unique collection partnerships around the world. This program is designed to help ensure that empty Lexmark print cartridges are properly recovered, reused or recycled; resulting in less solid waste and fewer resources consumed. The Lexmark Cartridge Collection Programs are always free* to the consumer and are designed to be easy to use.

How does it work?

It’s simple. Lexmark offers an easy, effective and environmentally positive way to handle your empty cartridges.

For single inkjet cartridge returns: 

  1. Request a postage paid return bag.**
  2. Once you receive your return bag, place the empty cartridge in the bag and seal it.
  3. Drop it in the mail to us!

*Cartridges must be returned by Lexmark provided pre-paid return bag.
**The pre-paid return bag will be mailed to you within 2 weeks or less.

Other Ways to Recycle:

Learn about the Lexmark Equipment Collection Program, an environmentally responsible choice for disposing of your end-of-life printer.

For information on how to recycle laser cartridges, click here.