Inkjet Rewards FAQ

June 30, 2015

Q: When did the Lexmark Rewards program for inkjet cartridges end?

A: The Lexmark Rewards program was discontinued on June 30, 2015.


Q: How were rewards members notified this program would end?

A: Starting in Q1 of 2015, all members of the inkjet rewards program were repeatedly notified via email that the Lexmark Rewards program would be discontinued on June 30, 2015.


Q: What if I have a promo code for previously awarded cartridges?

A: Existing redemption codes will be honored for 90 days from issuance of the promo code. Redemption codes can be redeemed at


Q: Does Lexmark have any rewards programs still active?

A: Lexmark offers a toner rewards program on select laser printers that can be accessed at .


Q: How can I continue to recycle my inkjet cartridges?

A: Lexmark offers a recycling program for inkjet cartridges at no cost to you. Details of this program can be found at


Q: Are there other opportunities at this time to earn discounts on Lexmark cartridges?

A: Lexmark offers the Smart-Supply program in North America that enables customers to earn savings on select ink and toner cartridges. Program details can be found at


Q: Where can I purchase Lexmark inkjet cartridges?

A: You can purchase cartridges directly from or you can use the Lexmark website to obtain a list vendors in your area that carry your Lexmark inkjet cartridge.  To access the list of vendors in your area, once you identify the cartridge you need on our, select the “where to buy” tab to see a list of local vendors in your area who carry that supply item.