Consumer Loan Origination

Eliminate Paper from Consumer Loan Origination

Consumer lending has a reputation for being extremely paper-intensive. Many borrowers dread the mounds of paper-based forms awaiting their signature.

Lenders seeking to streamline loan origination and improve consumer experience can now offer a secure, fully digital signing experience. Beyond expediting consumer loan origination and instilling confidence in electronic transactions, these digital capabilities reduce operating costs (by eliminating paper and manual labor) and drive increases in competitiveness, growth and profitability.


Benefits of a Paperless Consumer Loan Origination Solution

  • Simplify: Handwritten signature or click-to-sign options available face-to-face or via mobile.
  • Automate: Leverage standard workflows for quick deployment or embed into applications for tailored experiences.
  • Secure: Signatures also capture biometric signals to provide strong evidence of signature authenticity.
  • Monitor: Audit trail found in self-contained document without vendor lock.

Now You Know

You have architected an automated, secure and comprehensive signature solution that cuts costs and improves consumer engagement. You have empowered your company to work faster, smarter and more profitably. 

And you, the visionary who quarterbacked implementation of this newfound efficiency, are a champion to your organization.