Customer Onboarding

Onboard New Customers Faster and Easier

The moment of truth in the journey to attract, acquire and retain digitally born, mobile-savvy customers is onboarding. This is the first—and, if you fail to deliver, perhaps the only—opportunity your organization will have to demonstrate its quality standard and solidify customer loyalty.

And let’s face it: antiquated, manual processes don’t send the right message. Instead, justify your customers’ choice with a platform-based onboarding solution that offers real-time mobile engagement; the flexibility of anytime, anywhere self-service; and multichannel capture of process-ready images and documents combined with the broad capabilities of fraud detection, identity verification, analytics, e-signature, and customer communications management.


Benefits of Customer Onboarding

  • Multichannel capture and extraction of onboarding data eliminates manual labor.
  • Automation platform includes analytics, e-signature and robotic process automation.
  • Customizable platform-based solution helps organizations evolve with customer needs.
  • Competitors’ solutions can’t match the breadth of a mobile-centric platform solution.

Now You Know

New customers are completing the onboarding process faster than ever thanks to a multichannel platform that engages customers seeking mobile or self-service options. Applications are being checked for fraud and identity verification. You can see where the process is working and, where it isn’t, make changes quickly.

And you’re delivering a consistent, efficient customer experience on any device or channel, such as a smartphone, tablet or PC.

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