Chrome Support

The following Lexmark devices have been verified to work with Chromebooks, the Chrome operating system and the Chrome internet browser.

Lexmark B2236dw

Lexmark B2338dw (v2)

Lexmark B2442dw (v2)

Lexmark B2546dn (v2)

Lexmark B2650dn (v2)

Lexmark B2865dw (v2)

Lexmark C2240 (v2)

Lexmark C2325dw (v2)

Lexmark C2425dw (v2)

Lexmark C2535dw (v2)

Lexmark C3224dw (v2)

Lexmark C3326dw (v2)

Lexmark C9235 (v2)

Lexmark CS331dw (v2)

Lexmark CS410

Lexmark CS521dn (v2)

Lexmark CS622de (v2)

Lexmark CS720

Lexmark CS725

Lexmark CS727de (v2)

Lexmark CS728de (v2)

Lexmark CS820

Lexmark CS827de (v2)

Lexmark CS921de (v2)

Lexmark CS923de (v2)

Lexmark CS927de (v2)

Lexmark CX331adwe (v2)

Lexmark CX421adn (v2)

Lexmark CX522ade (v2)

Lexmark CX622ade (v2)

Lexmark CX625ade (v2)

Lexmark CX725 (v2)

Lexmark CX727de (v2)

Lexmark CX820 (v2)

Lexmark CX825 (v2)

Lexmark CX827de (v2)

Lexmark CX860 (v2)

Lexmark CX920de (v2)

Lexmark CX921de (v2)

Lexmark CX922de (v2)

Lexmark CX923de (v2)

Lexmark CX923dxe (v2)

Lexmark CX924de (v2)

Lexmark CX927de (v2)

Lexmark M1242 (v2)

Lexmark M1246 (v2)

Lexmark M3250 (v2)

Lexmark M5255 (v2)

Lexmark M5265 (v2)

Lexmark M5270 (v2)

Lexmark MB2236adw

Lexmark MB2236adwe (v2)

Lexmark MB2338adw (v2)

Lexmark MB2442adwe (v2)

Lexmark MB2546ade (v2)

Lexmark MB2650ade (v2)

Lexmark MB2770adwhe (v2)

Lexmark MC2325adw (v2)

Lexmark MC2425adw (v2)

Lexmark MC2535adwe (v2)

Lexmark MC2640adwe (v2)

Lexmark MC3224adwe (v2)

Lexmark MC3224dwe (v2)

Lexmark MC3326adwe (v2)

Lexmark MS321dn (v2)

Lexmark MS421dn (v2)

Lexmark MS421dw (v2)

Lexmark MS521dn (v2)

Lexmark MS621dn (v2)

Lexmark MS622de (v2)

Lexmark MS725dvn (v2)

Lexmark MS821dn (v2)

Lexmark MS821n (v2)

Lexmark MS822de (v2)

Lexmark MS823dn (v2)

Lexmark MS823n (v2)

Lexmark MS824de (v2)

Lexmark MS825dn (v2)

Lexmark MS826de (v2)

Lexmark MX321adn (v2)

Lexmark MX321adw (v2)

Lexmark MX421ade (v2)

Lexmark MX521ade (v2)

Lexmark MX521de (v2)

Lexmark MX522adhe (v2)

Lexmark MX622ade (v2)

Lexmark MX622adhe (v2)

Lexmark MX721ade (v2)

Lexmark MX721adhe (v2)

Lexmark MX722ade (v2)

Lexmark MX722adhe (v2)

Lexmark MX725adve (v2)

Lexmark MX822ade (v2)

Lexmark MX822adxe (v2)

Lexmark MX824ade (v2)

Lexmark MX824adxe (v2)

Lexmark MX826ade(v2)

Lexmark MX826adxe (v2)

Lexmark XC2235 (v2)

Lexmark XC4240 (v2)

Lexmark XC9225 (v2)

Lexmark XC9235 (v2)

Lexmark XC9245 (v2)

Lexmark XC9255 (v2)

Lexmark XC9265 (v2)

Lexmark XM1238 (v2)

Lexmark XM1242 (v2)

Lexmark XM1246 (v2)

Lexmark XM5365 (v2)

Lexmark XM5370 (v2)

Lexmark XM7355 (v2)

Lexmark XM7365 (v2)

Lexmark XM7370 (v2)