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Do more with digital signs and labels

A competitive (shelf) edge for pricing and promotions   

In retail, nothing is static. Between seasonal changes, holidays, market shifts and emerging consumer technologies, you stay busy. Your biggest job? Keeping your shoppers in your aisles and out of your competitors’.

Lexmark can help. Our digital signage solution is part of our industry-leading retail signage software. You can publish to digital display devices, signs and electronic shelf labels (ESLs) with the same accuracy and agility you have to print paper signs. Updates to digital devices are done with the click of a button—giving you a truly competitive edge and speedy response in your changing retail environment.

Why choose our digital signage solution? 

  • Ensure accuracy with immediate updates to sign information
  • Print signs and publish digital signs from the same system system 
  • Publish to digital output from in the store or centrally from headquarters 
  • Stay competitive with flexibility to update prices and promotions more frequently 
  • Reduce labor costs and streamline processes by reducing print and hang time
  • Control costs and reduce material waste by transitioning to paperless signs
  • Reinforce your brand with great-looking signs that sell
  • Generate ROI on your investment immediately

Real-time updates for accuracy and competitive pricing

Make changes in real time, gain unparalleled accuracy and stay competitive. With digital shelf-edge signs and labels, distribute chain-wide changes to signs with the click of a button. Your pricing and promotions are published immediately, giving you the competitive advantage. 

You choose whether to print or publish

Digital signs may work well in some stores or departments, but not in all. Keep it simple by using your sign-printing solution to publish to both print and digital, depending on your strategy. Roll out digital signs at your pace and keep print signs available as long as you need. With our solution, the choice is yours. 

Your signs, whether print or digital, will always look just right

We know how important your brand is. Our sign templates adapt and scale according to the media type. Regardless of the output, your signs will always look just right and your brand will be consistent throughout your stores.

Reduce waste, save time and money with a paperless solution

With digital signs, you’ll start gaining ROI immediately as you reduce the material waste tied to paper signage. Not to mention, the money you’ll save reducing the time it took to tear, sort and hang paper signs. With digital signs, significantly save on the hours of labor required to maintain a paper signage solution. And, get your associates back out on the sales floor where they can focus on your shoppers. 

Use a handheld to link digital signs to the product

Use your handheld application to quickly publish updates to your electronic shelf labels (ESLs) while you’re in the aisle. Simply link the product to the ESL by scanning its barcode, pick the right size or type of sign and publish right away. Use the same handheld to print labels in-aisle or complete pricing audits so that all of your signs are always accurate.

Centrally manage digital sign batches

Whether your digital signs architecture is designed for central or distributed creation of digital sign content, our platform can meet your needs. No matter how or where your signs are published, they will always look just right.

About Lexmark solutions for retail signage

Our solution for digital signs is a part of the Lexmark Print and Digital Signage solution, the industry-leading software for retail signage. We provide one platform for print and digital signs of all sizes and for printing in stores, in store aisles and at a central print provider. Our Publishing Platform for Retail came from AccessVia and has been in use in retail stores for more than 25 years in more than 55 countries, 25 languages and 60,000 stores worldwide.

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Lexmark Print and Digital Signage
Learn about Lexmark's industry-leading solution for shelf-edge signs and labels.