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Print and Digital Signage Delivered in the Cloud

Take advantage of our cloud-based signage system

The Publishing Platform for Retail delivered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model provides the full power of our industry-leading shelf-edge signage software without having to operate the technology.

With a cloud-based solution, system installation and configuration, server operation and maintenance, data integration, template development—all of the tasks related to setting up and running your retail sign system—are handled by our team of experts. The result? Your teams are free to focus on what's most important for you: growing your business and strengthening the connection between you and your customers.

  • Enterprise-class cloud platform: Run by some of the nation’s top retailers every day, our platform securely connects with your backend systems and data and is flexible to address your ever-changing needs.
  • A system that works precisely for your enterprise: Whether you choose to print in-store, from a handheld, at a central print facility or to publish to digital signs and ESLs, we integrate as tightly with your enterprise as an on-premise solution.
  • Faster and easier implementation: Delivered at a fixed rate, our team of experts handles your customized setup and configuration and collaborates with you to understand exactly how you need your publishing platform to work. 
  • There’s no hardware to setup or software to install: All your stores need is an Internet connection and a computer. Implementing our signage products is seamless and easy, and gets your organization publishing great-looking signs in a matter of weeks.
  • Reduce maintenance and IT burden: The traditional time needed to train your IT department to run your system is eliminated. Our team will be there for around-the-clock maintenance and support, letting you focus your people elsewhere.
  • Streamline every step with less training: Our tools are designed with easy-to-use and intuitive user interfaces to streamline every step of the process. It can be as easy as one click to print and publish all the signs needed.
  • It’s the best out there: You won’t find a better platform for your publishing needs, nor will you find a more supportive and collaborative team. We’ll work with you to improve how you communicate with your shoppers so you can start lifting sales and cutting costs immediately.
  • Do more than just printExtend the power of your in-store publishing application and include digital signs, displays, ESLs and self-service applications. Whether print or digital, both methods use the same system, same business rules, same templates and same data.

About our Print and Digital Signage solution

AccessVia, the industry-leading provider of retail signage software, is now a part of Lexmark’s Perceptive Software. Our signage software is licensed for use in more than 55 countries, 25 languages and 70,000+ stores worldwide.

Discover why retailers prefer the ease and simplicity of operating their retail signage solution in the cloud.

Explore our complete solution for print and digital signage.