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DTK Logistics chooses Lexmark to improve and streamline shipping processes

Success Story

Label-printing solution slashes order processing time by almost 90%

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Logistics and warehouse company DTK Group achieved momentous growth in recent years and required a solution to help manage the increase in business for its shipping services. With sustainability front of mind, DTK Group wanted to streamline the shipping process without comprising on cost and, most importantly, keep up with customer demand. DTK Group chose to implement the Print & Ship solution with Lexmark and partners Pinnpoint and nShift, reducing its daily print time by 35 hours. Its overall single order process was slashed by almost 90%, from 2.5 minutes to just 15 seconds.




Workflow & Process Management

How DTK Group reduced its daily print time by 35 hours with Lexmark and Pinnpoint.

The Organisation

DTK Group is a Dutch logistics company providing solutions for transport and product warehousing. The company has more than 30 years of industry experience and has built a solid network of suppliers and specialist manufacturers across the globe. DTK Group has steadily built its reputation as one of the top transport and warehouse solutions across Scandinavia and wider Europe. 


The Challenge

In the past five years, DTK Group has experienced rapid growth with order volumes increasing by 100%. However, before working with Lexmark, its process for printing and shipping orders was complex and unsustainable for future growth. For example, multiple forms and labels were printed from different devices, which risked mismatching in the warehouse, and labels was inserted into plastic envelopes, increasing single-use plastic across the business. 

To help manage its increased order volumes and better align the company with sustainable business processes, DTK Group needed to invest in a new printing solution with sustainability at its heart. 

Since implementing the Print & Ship solution, our entire shipping process has been streamlined, resulting in more orders delivered in the same amount of time. There’s also less stress involved for our employees. And there’s reduced energy and plastic waste on each box shipped,

Edwin Schildkamp Project Lead at the DTK Group

The Solution

The DTK Group chose the Print & Ship solution from partners Lexmark, Pinnpoint and nShift. Packing slip and address label information is provided by nShift. Labels are then printed using Pinnpoint media on Lexmark devices, reducing overall printing time and single-use plastic.

The one-stop-shop solution was simple to implement, requiring only Lexmark printers, labels from Pinnpoint, and nShift's Delivery Management Platform.

The Results

Before the Print & Ship solution, a single order could take as long as 2.5 minutes to be processed, printed and ready to ship. With the solution, it takes just 15 seconds to process each order. For DTK Group, this means that orders can be quickly packed, shipped and into the hands of customers – a crucial benefit given rising expectations from shoppers for faster, cheaper shipping options.

Overall, Lexmark saves DTK Group 35 printing hours every day, which has had a huge impact on its reduction of energy and plastic waste. Combining the packing slip and address label reduces the need for additional, unnecessary paper and materials, while the reduction in printing time means that less energy is being used to run the printers themselves. The use of one label for both address and shipping also eliminates human errors within the warehouse when matching address and shipping labels, ultimately improving the overall workflow system. 

This Print & Ship solution has slashed processing times by almost 90% and is making a huge, measurable reduction in wasted plastic, paper and energy for DTK – working with Lexmark ticks all the right boxes!

Ches Cochran Managing Director Pinnpoint
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