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Craig Le Clair
Forrester Research

Charles Kaplan
Perceptive Software


30 minutes

Recommended for:

Accounting Professionals, CFOs, AP Managers, Directors of Finance, Shared Services Professionals

Add value to your enterprise with electronic invoicing

Electronic invoicing has the potential to lower invoicing costs and speed up processing times, yet adoption is still less than 5%.  To achieve new levels of efficiency, enterprise architects must critically review their approach to digital document capture. 

In this webinar, Craig Le Clair, VP and principal analyst at Forrester Research, Inc., will discuss the trends that will shape the formation of a more cohesive vision for inbound content.  He will compare where the content capture industry was a few years ago with the opportunities ahead to continue the digital content journey.

Charles Kaplan, vice president of global marketing for Lexmark, will discuss how the shared services model has evolved to become a source of increased productivity and value to the enterprise. He’ll also cover the challenges service centers face as they strive to meet higher expectations in terms of service improvements and deliverables year after year.