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Lexmark Testing Assistant

Meet the new teacher’s pet: Lexmark Testing Assistant makes the grade in the classroom

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  • Lexmark International, Inc., a global imaging solutions leader, today announced a new education solution for the K-12 and higher education markets, the Lexmark Testing Assistant. 
  • The Lexmark Testing Assistant is a cloud-based application that allows teachers to import class rosters, create test answer sheets, scan and grade completed tests, and export student results to virtually any learning management system.
  • The Lexmark Testing Assistant application is accessible from all popular web browsers on PCs, Macs and tablets, and enables teachers to easily scan to the application using a “grading” icon on a Lexmark MFP.
  • Using the solution, educators can print their own test materials on affordable plain paper and scan completed tests to automatically score them. Results are available in minutes, along with a variety of reports that can be used to accurately analyze student performance.
  • The Lexmark Testing Assistant is available via Lexmark authorized resellers or can be purchased directly from Lexmark.

“With the Lexmark Testing Assistant, test sheets are printed with the student’s name and ID,” said Chad Giannini, mathematics teacher, Macomb County, Michigan. “After students take assessments, I scan in the bubble sheets and upload them. Then, the Lexmark Testing Assistant scores the assessments and generates reports. It’s really quick, saving me up to an hour over grading by hand. The reports help me see where students are after the assessment—are they struggling in a certain area or have they missed a concept? Now you have that documented and it’s very helpful in gauging next steps.”  

“The Lexmark Testing Assistant enables teachers to spend more time with their students and less time burdened with paperwork,” said Brock Saladin, Lexmark senior vice president and chief revenue officer. “For more than 20 years, Lexmark has been helping educational institutions bridge the gap between print and digital information. This new application enables teachers and instructors to save time, reduce costs and support student achievement.”

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