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Lexmark launches GHS Label Printing solution in Latin America

Miami, May 2018. Lexmark International, Inc., a global imaging solutions leader, announced today the arrival of its Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) label printing solution to Latin America.

“We are pleased to provide Lexmark GHS Label Printing to our manufacturing clients in the region. This solution enables organizations to print color labels that adhere to the GHS standards easily, efficiently and with little waste, while gaining a solution that complies with the toughest requirements for labeling for international shipments of hazardous materials by sea,” said German Daza, Product Marketing Manager for Lexmark Latin America.

GHS is a system for classifying and labeling chemical substances as they are used and transported, through a common framework of symbols and pictograms to communicate hazardous information on labels. With Lexmark GHS Label Printing solution, organizations can print labels in color on an as‑needed basis, while eliminating the need for pre-printed label stock. Furthermore, Lexmark’s color‑printing process allows organizations to maintain high standards for consistent and correct GHS labels in addition to meeting compliance for international shipping.

Save time and money with color printing on blank label stock

Some manufacturers use pre‑printed color label stock for every combination of pictograms required for creating proper labels. With color printing, organizations can now use blank label stock to print accurate and complete GHS labels when and where needed. Managing the inventory of pre‑printed stock is eliminated, as is the cost tied to ordering enough stock to have on hand


GHS rules require that company information be a part of GHS labels. With blank label stock and color printing, manufacturers can print all aspects of the GHS label—including brand information—on the label at once. Printed labels are consistent and meet both GHS requirements and the company’s brand guidelines.

Durability and compliance for international shipments

Most color laser printers cannot meet the complex mix of image quality, consistency and durability necessary for hazardous chemical labels. With Lexmark’s color‑printing solution, compliance is made easy. Leading label and media providers use Lexmark devices to provide color labels that comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Department of Transit and European Union standards, as well as the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) BS 5609 standard for 90‑day seawater submersion.

Lexmark is one of two printer manufacturers certified to produce IMDG BS 5609 labels for international shipments of hazardous materials. The combination of color‑printing technology and ability to handle the proper media enables manufacturers to produce on‑demand GHS labels required for such transport.

With Lexmark’s solution for GHS label printing, organizations can print all of the labels they need, when they need them, within GHS guidelines.

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