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Lexmark launches three powerful solutions in the region

With its GHS label printing solution, MFP Kiosk for government and new solution against internal security threats, Lexmark offers the most complete proposal for the most diverse clients.

Miami, June 2018. Lexmark International Inc., world leader in imaging solutions, announced the launch of three powerful solutions aimed at improving the processes and opportunities for their customers.

"With our label printing solution of the Globally Harmonized System for Classification and Labeling of Chemical Products (GHS), the award-winning MFP Kiosk for government and Lexmark Secure Document Monitor (LSDM) with an existing DLP (Data Loss Prevention), we deliver to our customers valuable tools, capable of offering the security, visibility and efficiency they demand,” said Germán Daza, Product Marketing Manager of Lexmark Latin America.


GHS is a system for classifying and labeling chemicals as they are used and transported through a common framework of symbols and pictograms to communicate dangerous information on labels. With Lexmark's GHS label printing solution, organizations can print color labels as needed, while eliminating the need for pre-printed labels. In addition, the Lexmark color printing process allows organizations to maintain high standards for consistent and correct GHS labels to meet international shipping requirements.


Based on Lexmark's award-winning smart multifunction products (MFP), MFP Kiosk is the best choice for the government sector. This solution leverages the power of Lexmark's smart multifunction printers so agencies can better serve their constituencies and, even with fewer resources, can improve the experience for both their employees and users. The staff of the agency is freed from the time devoted to classification of documents and the verification of data, which allows it to provide services to the voters more efficiently. At the same time, constituents can start the process at the moment they arrive, reducing waiting times. MFP Kiosk also serves as a repository of forms to print documents on demand, so that you can access any agency form, application or other document, in any language offered, directly from there.

Security first

Print security is a critical component of infrastructure optimization, which can significantly reduce security gaps between documents, devices, the network and all points in between. Lexmark Secure Document Monitor (LSDM) with an existing DLP (Data Loss Prevention) allows customers to have greater visibility and knowledge of critical data for the company and monitor threats and vulnerabilities more easily.


This solution allows you to collect data from all sources in a printing device, from paper to digital; monitor all users and information from one place to better understand how data is used, and create more robust case files and investigations; increase insight with personalized supervision thanks to an existing DLP (Data Loss Prevention).

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