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Consumer Loan Automation

Simplify, streamline and speed your consumer loans process

Processing consumer loans can be paper-intensive and highly inefficient. Put an end to all the hassle with Consumer Loan Automation.

Consumer Loan Automation allows you to capture all documentation needed to process and approve loans from virtually any device in any location. Loan officers are notified about missing documentation to ensure loans are in good order, resulting in a faster, more accurate process and reduced cycle times.

Tracking and audit trails make it easy to prove compliance with current industry regulations, and flexible workflow features allow you to make adjustments quickly as regulations change.

With Consumer Loan Automation, you’ll reduce costs and improve the customer experience. Here’s how:

  • Obtaining all required information is easier, as customers can submit documentation without returning to the branch
  • Back office employees can access and view documents electronically and make faster decisions to speed approvals
  • Electronic capture reduces costs associated with courier runs
  • Compliance is made simple with workflow and document retention capabilities

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Find out how your organization can speed up consumer loan processing to reduce costs, generate revenue faster and deliver a better banking experience for customers.

The Compliance Challenge for Financial Institutions
Learn more about the critical role of process and content management in addressing regulatory requirements.

Reduce fraud and increase compliance while making your borrowers happier.

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