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Mobile Capture SDK

Mobile banking made easy

Today’s banking customers expect mobile and digital services that are convenient and easy, and meet their banking needs quickly. Can your organization deliver?

With Perceptive Mobile Capture SDK, you can expand your mobile capabilities to provide additional services, including Perceptive Mobile Capture for New Accounts, Perceptive Mobile Capture for Check Deposits, and Perceptive Mobile Capture for Bill Pay. Customers and bank employees can securely capture the information they need from a mobile device, increasing speed and reducing errors.

Using Mobile Capture SDK is easy and intuitive. Users simply take a photo of a required document, and the solution automatically extracts needed information, allowing the user to review for accuracy and provide confirmation. It’s that easy—no manual entry or difficult processes that so often cause customers to abandon an application.

With Mobile Capture SDK, you can attract new customers, enhance the customer experience and improve efficiency within your organization. Here’s how:

  • Strengthen your organization’s omni-channel initiative with expanded mobile capabilities
  • Use Lexmark’s capture technology to extract meaningful data from anywhere, on any mobile device (iOS and Android)
  • Securely acquire and process electronic customer signatures for new account openings
  • Easily integrate Mobile Capture SDK with Lexmark’s checklist capture capabilities and new account opening solutions for seamless processing
  • Notify customers of what documents are still needed to complete a process, and allow them to submit information with a mobile device
  • Use extracted customer identification information to support know your customer and anti-fraud requirements
Mobile Capture SDK Solution Sheet
Find out how Mobile Capture SDK can help you expand your mobile capabilities and appeal to more customers

Checklist Capture Product Summary
A perfect partner for Mobile Capture SDK, Checklist Capture helps you streamline and automate capture and classification processes

Robust mobile capture solutions put banking in the palm of your hand

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