Compliant with Common Criteria Standards of Certification

Lexmark's devices are certified by the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) as compliant with the Common Criteria IEEE2600 Protection Profile. Lexmark devices have been engineered and constructed to provide a comprehensive and robust set of security protections to ensure that all aspects of your output environment are well protected when optimized with Lexmark technology.

Lexmark's approach has always been to provide the best set of protection for our customers. This is why security is an integral part of Lexmark’s development process and is the reason security is a standard offering on all our devices. We believe that device security should not be an afterthought or separate security chip placed into a device after it has been manufactured. Device security should be holistic which includes the most restrictive device protections outlined by the IEEE 2600 group for operational environment A (IEEE2600.1).

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Common Criteria Certificate Award for Lexmark X463, X464, X651, X652, X654, X734 and X736 Multi-Function Printers and InfoPrint 1930, 1940, 1850, 1860, 1870, Color 1846, Color 1856 Multi-Function Printers.

Common Criteria Certificate Award for Lexmark X466, X656, X658, X738, X860, X862, X864 Multi-Function Printers and InfoPrint 1940, 1870, 1880, Color 1866, 1948, 1968, 1988 Multi-Function Printers.

Common Criteria Certificate Award for Lexmark X548, XS548, X792, XS796, X925, XS925, X950, X952, X954, XS955 and 6500e Scanner (with T650, T652, or T654 Printer) Multi-Function Printers.