Lexmark MFP Kiosk for Government

A simple, affordable way to transform constituent services

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Quality service and communication, without the wait

Lexmark MFP Kiosk for Government harnesses the power of your Lexmark MFPs to help you provide value-added services with increased speed and accuracy. Delight agency employees and constituents with features like automated capture, print on demand and appointment check-in--all from an affordable, easy-to-use MFP Kiosk.


Revolutionize the agency experience 

Do more, spend less with Lexmark MFPs

Traditional kiosks are expensive and come with limited printing capabilities. In contrast, Lexmark MFPs are a fraction of the cost to purchase and maintain, and enable a wide range of printing capabilities. Not only are the devices themselves less expensive, but they use basic copy paper to help you save on supplies. And since they’re designed with your needs in mind, our devices enable full size, color printing that enables you to print on a wide array of media, in multiple languages and with instructions for ease of use.

Provide a hassle-free constituent experience

Agency waiting rooms can be confusing, frustrating places that lack clear directions and up-to-date information. To help, MFP Kiosk gives constituents the power to easily submit and receive information, from the moment they arrive. Capture technology allows applicants to securely scan in personal information and documentation, so that processing can begin immediately. At the same time, information and forms stored directly on the device can be accessed and printed at a moment’s notice, allowing constituents to get the directions, instructions and documents they need without the long wait.

Revolutionize employee productivity

Agency employees spend a lot of time manually processing paperwork, and often lack visibility and access to the information they need. By capturing constituent paperwork upon arrival and immediately routing it to the correct employee, MFP Kiosk jumpstarts processing and enables employees to start working sooner. And since information is being converted from paper to digital earlier in the process, steps like document classification and data verification can be automated for increased speed and efficiency. That means employees are more productive, and workflows experience fewer bottlenecks and delays.

Boost document security and compliance

Paper documents can be easily lost, misplaced or even stolen. And when it comes to performing audits and ensuring compliance, all that paper can be a nightmare to comb through and analyze. By capturing and storing constituent information and government forms digitally on the MFP, you’ll be able to minimize the risk of physical loss. In addition, digitization will enable you to eliminate compliance issues associated with manual errors, bring hidden data to light with seamless integration and automatically track and archive information for easy audits and more complete visibility.

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