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DISC Corporation


DISC Corporation is a document service bureau that specializes in healthcare digital records and file management. To better serve a growing customer segment—ambulatory health centers— the company sought to eliminate a manual step from its BetterChart solution. Multi-channel process automation allowed DISC to go 100% touchless.

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DISC Corporation


DISC— Document Imaging Systems Corp.— is a document management company located St. Louis, Mo. Founded in 1958, the company has a mission to transform paper-dependent processes into intelligence that gives its clients a multitude of advantages. Its product and service scope includes:• Solutions for scanning paper records to digital documents • Solutions for workflow, electronic storage and retrieval




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To remain agile and competitive, document-burdened service industries like healthcare, insurance, and finance are outsourcing the management of their manual processes to document service bureaus in an effort to cut costs and increase productivity.

At the same time, in¬creased competition, price erosion, and economic uncertainties demand that service bureaus remain agile so they can continuously provide high value to their clients.
DISC Corporation is one such service bureau. Ambulatory health centers, one of DISC’s grow-ing client segments, are grappling with regulatory changes that require them to convert from paper to electronic health records (EHRs), as well as staying paperless on a day-to-day basis. Meanwhile, every day a huge volume of paper and fax documents continues to flow in that must be scanned, indexed and audited. 

We began to look for a way to eliminate the batch filing process with technology.

KC Frank Executive Vice President DISC Corporation

For ambulatory health centers to efficiently comply with regulations, they must quickly sort document type, extract and process the scanned data, ensure that the data is visible throughout the process, and finally, make the data readily available for potential patient-centric activities.


Enter DISC’s BetterChart solution, designed to relieve ambulatory healthcare providers of this time-consuming manual process. With BetterChart, DISC can optimize the indexing of patient information from paper and fax docu¬ments for automatic entry into EHR software.

BetterChart classifies hundreds of different types of patient medi¬cal documents, extracts key fields such as Patient Name, Date of Birth, and Date of Service, and matches the Medical Record Number (MRN) against the healthcare provider’s patient database. It eliminates the need for manual sorting, automates document indexing, and speeds up the data import process (turnaround time from scanned image to import into patient record in the EHR is 24 hours or less from receipt), and is easily scalable to accommodate volume spikes.

Eliminating a final manual step

On the cusp of new healthcare regulations, DISC was poised for growth, but the BetterChart solution still included a manual step—examination and filing of each document. This remaining manual step would necessitate hiring more employees if DISC needed to scale up its operations.

Frank and his team considered many options and talked to a number of well-known data capture providers. He says the best solution would be one that could automatically classify documents, but it proved to be more difficult than expected.  

Other solutions can scan documents, but XBOUND takes it further with zonal OCR and automatic document classification.

KC Frank DISC Corporation

“We tried two highly regarded firms, but medical document review is complex,” Frank says, “and we weren’t getting the accuracy we needed.”


Ultimately, DISC leadership zeroed in on a multi-channel document processing solution, ReadSoft XBound from Lexmark, to automate the batch filing process because it also provided greater speed and accuracy.

Frank, however, also was thinking ahead—he could see that the benefits of XBound extended well beyond the elimination of one manual step in the process.

“We chose XBound because it gave us a way to manage our entire business from one platform,” he says.

Far-reaching possibilities

With XBound, DISC has all processes under control at a glance, thanks to centralized, real-time monitoring of the entire production line. Now DISC has visibility throughout the process and can ensure that clients get rapid access to accurate data.

XBOUND has an open capture framework and can be linked to other OCR devices, but Frank admits that ReadSoft’s advanced data capture capabilities made XBOUND an even more compelling option.

“Other solutions can scan documents,” Frank says, “but XBound takes it further with zonal OCR and automatic document classification, specifically as it relates to our ambulatory healthcare provider clients.”

Implementing XBOUND has helped DISC achieve the scalability to on-board more ambulatory health centers so that physicians and their staff can better focus on what they do best: taking care of their patients. 

We replaced our entire production platform with XBOUND. All service bureaus and BPOs should consider doing so.

KC Frank Executive Vice President DISC Corporation

Industry-leading business process automation

In 2014, Lexmark International, a global technology leader, acquired ReadSoft, a leading provider of applications for automating business processes. Together, they become an unmatched solution for financial process automation. Lexmark enterprise software, hardware and services remove the inefficiencies of information silos and disconnected processes, connecting people to the information they need at the moment they need it. This case study reflects ReadSoft products and positioning at the time of acquisition and has been approved for use.

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