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Norra Redovisningshuset


Norra Redovisningshuset (NRH), an accounting firm based in Sweden, provides invoice management and financial accounting services for its customers. With ReadSoft Online, NRH has taken its customer service to the next level—with all invoice and payment information now readily accessible online.

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Norra Redovisningshuset


NRH—Northern Reporting House—has been in operation since 2001 and is an authorized accounting firm that meets industry standards. Based in Arlandastad, Sweden, the company offers services in accounting, finance and taxes for owner-managed businesses. • Works with all types of business and in most industries, including restaurants, consulting, building and construction, healthcare and retailers • Emphasizes a personal focus and close collaboration with its customers


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When NRH decided to invest in ReadSoft from Lexmark cloud solution, ReadSoft Online, the company had clear knowledge of the potential improvement this type of automation could bring: no delays in getting the latest software versions and translating the newest features into benefits for clients.

A Smoother Implementation

The advantage of having a cloud solution is that we are not dependent on system updates.

Pernilla Larsson Administrator NRH

“Everything is done automatically through the cloud,” says Pernilla Larsson, administrator at NRH. The company receives information when an update is scheduled, but these do not inter-fere with daily workloads.

“We barely notice it,” Pernilla says.


With a goal of getting long-term benefits through anytime anywhere access to invoices in its system, NRH found ReadSoft Online to be the correct solution.

Improved customer service

NRH has managed to reduce much of its manual work to a minimum, but sees ways to make further improvements, such as moving completely to e-invoices—a way to take advantage of ReadSoft Online’s data extraction technology.

ReadSoft Online is a user friendly system to work in. It has made our customer service both better and faster.

Pernilla Larsson Administrator NRH

Pernilla says many smaller companies are currently unable to send invoices electronically, but the advantages of this method is clear. An automation solution allows NRH to be faster in receiving, sorting and processing invoices because manual processing often introduces keyboarding errors.


User-friendly, readily accessible

With ReadSoft Online implemented, Larsson is able to do the scanning of invoices on her own, processing from100 to 600 invoices a day. Rather than having to pass the project from one person to another for processing, it has proven to be faster with just one person.

In addition to accuracy and speed, other advantages of ReadSoft Online have been the ability to search and find invoices quickly, view any information anytime, anywhere, and know that invoice information is securely stored.

“They never fade away on pieces of paper,” Larsson says, “and they are always readily accessible digitally. We are look¬ing forward to adding more functions which will make our lives even easier,” Larsson says.

We can easily find any information we need, enabling quick response, and make our customers happier.

Pernilla Larsson Administrator NRH

Industry-leading business process automation

In 2014, Lexmark International, a global technology leader, acquired ReadSoft, a leading provider of applications for automating business processes. Together, they become unmatched solution for financial process automation. Lexmark enterprise software, hardware and services remove the inefficiencies of information silos and disconnected processes, connecting people to the information they need at the moment they need it. This case study reflects ReadSoft products and positioning at the time of acquisition and has been approved for use. 

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