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Small businesses


Small businesses can make a BIG difference!

No company is too small to be concerned with today’s pressing environmental issues. Even if your printing activities are modest and you’re consuming fewer than 10 cartridges per year, you can take part in LCCP thanks to Lexmark’s convenient prepaid postal labels.


Postal Label

With the convenient pre-paid Lexmark Postal Labels, simply download and print out a return label free of charge. Then, stick the label onto the cartridge box and drop it off at your nearest post office. It will be sent to our recycling centre.


Ink bag

Order your ink bag
Stop Dec. 2018

For easy return of an individual Lexmark ink cartridge


Small cartridges

Individual return for cartridges weighing less than 165g


Laser Cartridges

Individual return for laser cartridges weighing less than 2kg


Fuser and Imaging kit

Individual return for fuser & imaging kit weighing less than 6kg