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Lexmark Equipment Collection Program & WEEE compliance


As a producer of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), Lexmark is committed to providing WEEE compliant products to the European markets since 2005. Lexmark International is responsible for the environmentally sound management of its products from the early stages of research and design until they reach the end of their useful life. We are committed to following strict company policy to promote environmentally responsible business practices. As we embrace the imposed WEEE Directive we ensure that our customers can return used products as quickly and easily as possible, offering a range of services to aid return, recovery and reuse.

Compliance process

As a manufacturer of printing systems, Lexmark is committed to register all EEE it places onto the national market. In the majority of the European countries, Lexmark joined a national collective scheme. These schemes provide to the member companies a complete process from collection to recycling and reporting. This allows Lexmark to fulfil its obligations according to its market share. Our products are also marked with the crossed-out wheelie bin to comply with the Directive guidelines.

UK Business WEEE collection

For new B2B WEEE (manufactured after 13 August 2005), producers are responsible for financing the WEEE management. For this reason, Lexmark has chosen DHL to transport the waste from our customer locations to ensure correct treatment and recycling.

If you are a Lexmark business customer and would like your waste to be collected, please contact DHL Waste management through following email address:


In your email please provide the following information:

1.   Contact name and telephone number

2.   Collection address with all details if specific floor or space

3.   Did you purchase the item to be collected  after August 2005?

4.   Have you replaced the printer with a new like-for-like printer?

5.   Serial number, make and model number of the printer to be collected? (OPTIONAL)

6.   Serial number of your new printer (if you have one)? (OPTIONAL)

7.   Approximate weight of the printers

8.   Are the printers packed in boxes or not?

9.   Are there any collection instructions for the pick-up? 

UK Household WEEE collection

If you are a private household customer please take your WEEE to a Designated Collection Facility (DCF) which are throughout the UK or return your B2C WEEE to B2C distributors. Return of household WEEE to the retailer in surface greater than 400 sqm is free of charge.

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For our Autumn 2012 products onwards, WEEE manuals are available on the Lexmark website under

Customer Support>Product Support>Choose Model>Manual.

Here’s an example for C74x series