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Back Office

Solutions for running your back office more efficiently - so they don't run you.

Document Management, Workflow and Enterprise Printing

Of all the many things that can drain efficiency from your back office, paperwork tops the list. Operations such as accounts payable, human resources and expense management― even the basic office tasks of printing and scanning― can be quickly buried under the flood of paper.

Lexmark back office solutions energize your daily routines. They help you get more done in less time with fewer resources.

Invoice Processing Solution

The Lexmark Invoice Processing Solution ensures swift invoice matching and approval, timely reimbursement and increased supplier discount opportunities. Beginning with just a touch of the e-Task screen on a Lexmark MFP, you can easily capture, manage and route invoices, bills and statements. Additional invoice information entered at the time of capture, as well as information extracted from the document, speeds up processing time by automating workflow and eliminating manual data entry.

Recruitment and Onboarding Solution

With the Lexmark Recruitment and Onboarding Solution, you can free your Human Resources staff from time-consuming paperwork and streamline the hiring process, filling positions faster. Beginning with just a touch of the e-Task screen on a Lexmark MFP, you can electronically capture, track, route, manage and share all of the documents related to hiring new employees and getting them on board. The solution automatically notifies all pertinent departments about your new employees, and gives hiring managers and others immediate access to key information.

Expense Processing Solution

Dramatically decrease the time it takes to submit, review, approve and audit travel and other expenses with the Lexmark Expense Processing Solution. Beginning with just a touch of the e-Task screen on a Lexmark MFP, you can digitally capture receipts, automatically bind them to matching reports in your financial software, and collect extra information to improve accuracy.

Print Release

Lexmark Print Release gives you the latitude to send documents from your computer, tablet, smartphone or a web portal and print them on any Print Release enabled printer or MFP. Instead of “pushing” your document to a designated printer (where the printed pages sit out in public view until you collect them) you “pull” the document down from your company’s “print cloud” after logging in or swiping your ID card.

Benefits of Back Office Solutions Include:

  • Reduces printing costs and shrinks carbon footprint.
  • Strengthens access controls, security and compliance.
  • Provides a single, unified system for enabling print from workstations and mobile devices.