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Managed Print Services

Save up to 30% or more with managed print services.

Reduce Output Costs. Increase Visibility.

What is Managed Print Services, or MPS? Quite simply, it's a bundle that can save you a bundle. MPS is a mix of software tools, services custom solutions and strategies that have the power to transform your organization? Initially, by improving overall print efficiency and then going beyond that to deliver incremental savings and business process improvement.

Lexmark Managed Print Services takes an end-to-end approach to improving the enterprise print infrastructure. We help you grow your return on investment through successive levels of engagement.

1. Optimize

We begin by aligning your devices with your business or mission - determining the right mix and placement of devices across your organization for greatest efficiency and user productivity.

2. Manage

Next, we focus on the day-to-day management of your devices. Our continuous monitoring and proactive support services maximize the availability of your assets and ensure that consumables are efficiently managed.

3. Improve

To take your savings to the next level, we help you curb wasteful or unnecessary printing by implementing proven output strategies for reducing print volumes.

4. Innovate

Continual tracking and analysis allows us to add value with business process solutions. A document management or workflow solution deployed to even a subset of your organization can multiply productivity and accelerate your ROI.

Lexmark Global Services Portal

Lexmark MPS customers are never more than a click away from real-time information. The Lexmark Global Services Portal lets you view any output device on your network, download reports, view or enter meter reads, or request a service call. You can even order supplies or contact your Lexmark support representative. The portal also provides access to the Lexmark Knowledge Base, a comprehensive help library.

Access the Reports

Lexmark is positioned as a leader by four of the leading technology advisory firms.

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What you can expect when you partner with Lexmark

  • Provides you with instant access to the right information—across your organization
  • Improves teamwork across departments
  • Enhances your ability to make well-informed decisions
  • Reduces operational costs and paper waste
  • Increases security and compliance