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Turn today’s challenges into opportunities to win new clients

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Claims are high. Regulations are increasing. And prospects are shopping to find more nimble, Internet-based players. All told, the insurance industry is fighting the sluggish global economy on multiple fronts.

To remain competitive and profitable, insurers must re-examine their operations and streamline workflows. Better yet, they need to improve efficiency and drive customer satisfaction.

Lexmark insurance solutions can help. Our process, content and output management solutions work seamlessly with a carrier’s existing systems to connect workers to all the unstructured and currently unavailable data that may be needed to serve customers better. We’ll help you put the right information into your team’s hands at the right time, in the right format, so they can collaborate more effectively, reduce cycle times and errors, and enhance the customer experience.

Based on our deep knowledge of the insurance industry and a close study of your company’s unique challenges, we can tailor our solutions to address your needs from agency offices to headquarters and the back office. More importantly, we’ll also provide the flexibility required to adapt to future growth and change.

Smart Document Capture for Insurance

Streamlined document processing built for your unique needs
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Agency Capture

Eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual processing of documents for policy opening, claims management and other vital insurance tasks.
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Claims Automation

Automate workflows for standard claims and build in business rules that identify and escalate complex claims to the appropriate adjusters.
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Managed Print Services for Insurance

Adopt a comprehensive approach to managing your print infrastructure to lower output costs, eliminate waste and reap the benefits of best practices for insurance information management.
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Producer On-boarding

Automate the collection and routing of documentation to help you on-board new customers and agents more quickly and cost effectively.
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Underwriting and Policy Administration

Accelerate underwriting processes, improve policy administration, expedite policy changes and improve communications with agents and brokers.
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Invoice Processing for Insurance

Invoice processing automation can transform your accounts payable processes and accelerate turnaround time from days to just hours.
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Customer and Agent Onboarding

Simplify onboarding new customers and help bring new agents up to speed more quickly.
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Business Office

Make key documents easy to find and insurance business processes, such as invoice processing and HR tasks, much more efficient.
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Unum Insurance

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Unum’s investment in Lexmark products, solutions and services is on track to achieve a 376% ROI in the first three years.

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