Accessibility features for monochrome single function products

Lexmark hardware features

Lexmark believes that improving product usability for those with varying levels of abilities creates a better user experience for all our customers. Accessibility is a key objective in every phase of the development process, and Lexmark has defined processes and methodologies to ensure our products and solutions are accessible. Your input has helped identify product design changes, as well as standard product features, that work together to enhance accessibility for every customer. These capabilities are included in many Lexmark products:

Monochrome single function products

MS320 Series

MS420 Series

MS520 Series

MS621dn Series

MS622de Series

MS720 Series

MS820 Series

MS820e Series

MS911 Series

Voice Guidance


Swipe Navigation


Keyboard Navigation


AT Compatible print and scan drivers

AT Compatible Embedded Web Server page

Accessible User Guides


Headphone jack (private listening)



Tactile volume control


Tilt adjustable display

Display at 40" height

Raised operator panel keys

Raised operator panel icons on select keys

Tray status indicators

No pinch paper size adjustments

Display brightness control

Control panel key repeat adjustable

Control panel double strike interval adjustable

• Standard on Device

* Optional: Feature available as a separate option

** Requires a special order