Reach local customers with geo-targeted social ads

Increase in-store traffic by engaging shoppers directly from the sales floor on social media with the Lexmark Engagement Automation Platform (LEAP)

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What is the Lexmark Engagement Automation Platform?

LEAP simplifies the automation of personalized promotions aimed at boosting foot traffic to local stores, whether it's a sale centered on inventory, a product launch or a special event. 

Easily schedule geo-targeted sale ads from the sales floor and corporate office, considering specific conditions at each store. Connect with customers through your loyalty program app and various social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. 

LEAP offers advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling you to collect valuable insights necessary for measuring success and making informed, data-driven decisions.


With LEAP, you can:

  • Target your local customers with hyper-localized digital promotions
  • Minimize excess inventory by strategically discounting overstock
  • Customize your marketing approach with individualized offers
  • Deepen customer relationships by analyzing and responding to buying habit

By leveraging the Lexmark Engagement Automation Platform, retailers can transform local store operations and engagement in real-time:

Revamp your digital ad strategy by joining the


of companies currently investing in social media marketing.1

Drive engagement through digital ads, reaching the estimated


of customers who follow brands on social media for the purpose of staying informed about our products and services.2

Reduce excess stock and minimize waste, considering that around



billion pounds of the available food supply goes uneaten annually at the retail level.3

Transform clicks into in-store sales with social push promotions


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Connect stores and corporate offices directly to customers with geo-targeted ads for increased sales and engagement

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