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Wherever you are today with managed print services, the flexibility of Lexmark MPS allows you to start where it makes the most sense for your financial institution. We make it easy to optimize, manage and streamline your document environment.

Optimize your infrastructure for a better customer experience

We look beyond the floor plan to understand how you serve customers.

Lexmark Managed Print Services (MPS) directly addresses the challenges you face in our ever-changing digital world. Since you still need printed documents for many important services, optimizing your print environment is essential to saving time and money that could be better spent working with customers and growing your business. Everyday banking tasks such as onboarding new customers, maintaining existing accounts and servicing mortgages can be optimized by employing Lexmark MPS.

Conducting a thorough assessment is important. We’ll evaluate your current situation to determine the right placement of the right devices to meet the needs of your back office, branches and processing centers. Your tailored plan will thoughtfully deploy single-function, color and smart multifunction products (MFPs) based on specific tasks performed in each area, such as new business transactions, cross-selling, and running reports.

Why Lexmark Managed Print Services?

  • Lexmark has completed more than 800 banking assessments
  • Smart MFPs digitize and automate processes for improved response time and customer satisfaction
  • Standardized user interface reduces training time–allowing staff to focus on customers
Assessment empowers managed print services success.

Manage your printer fleet across your enterprise

From branches to headquarters to processing centers, Lexmark supports your business.

Managing your print infrastructure across many locations can be a burden to bank operations. Frequent equipment failures interrupt work. Help desk calls drain resources. Supply inventories are costly. Your employees need to spend time with customers instead of dealing with device issues. Lexmark Managed Print Services (MPS) can provide visibility and control of your printer fleet across your entire enterprise—allowing bank associates to focus on customers.

Proactive Management is a hallmark of Lexmark MPS. Thanks to usage data and analytics, the need for service or consumables is automatically detected and the appropriate workflow is started. Fewer help desk calls are needed and paper-dependent processes are never interrupted. From headquarters to branches to processing centers, our systems pinpoint areas that need attention. We identify high-volume print areas as targets for process improvement.

We’ve empowered many of the world’s largest banks to:

  • Redeploy valuable IT resources by reducing print-related help desk calls
  • Improve efficiency ratios with lower print volume and total output expenditure
  • Free up capital by reducing or eliminating on-hand supplies inventory 

Streamline processes to improve compliance and information security

Move forward faster with complete and accurate documentation.

Good news: lots of paperwork flowing through your branch locations means customers are opening new accounts, requesting lines of credits or applying for mortgage loans. Bad news: all that paper moving around can cause errors, exceptions and delays in taking care of your valuable customers. Lexmark Managed Print Services (MPS) can help transform these paper and labor-intensive processes into secure and traceable digital workflows, aiding in audit preparation and demonstration of compliance.

All this starts in the branch with the multifunction product (MFP). Intelligent capture initiated at the MFP eliminates error-prone rekeying of information in central processing. Costs and delays associated with transportation (such as courier services) and storage are also reduced or eliminated. In addition, we deploy pull print solutions that reduce the number of printed pages and increase security by only releasing the hard copy documents when the user authenticates at the printer—lowering costs and eliminating abandoned print jobs that could put sensitive information at risk.

Lexmark MPS helps you:

  • Ensure complete and accurate documentation for faster processing
  • Adapt to mounting regulatory procedures
  • Create traceable workflows to increase security and reduce fraud
Success Story
MainSource Bank
MainSource Bank slashes costs by overhauling account opening process using Lexmark multifunction products (MFPs)

9 of the top 10 global banks are Lexmark customers.

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Lexmark’s overall philosophy is to help us achieve our goals. That’s the kind of partnership we need and at every turn, Lexmark has met or exceeded our expectations

Andy Saner Vice President, Director of Operations MainSource Bank

Top analysts give Lexmark MPS high marks

Gartner, IDC and others continue to place our MPS methodology at the head of the pack.

Access all MPS analyst reports

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