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Entreprises moyennes


Thinking inside the box!

If you’re using between 10 and 40 cartridges per year, then your consumption represents a major eco opportunity. To offer a practical solution for mid-size volumes like yours, we provide you with our convenient recycling container. When it’s full, simply scan the QR code via our mobile app or go to www.lexmark.com/pickup, and we’ll come to pick it up. 

Tracking your progress is simple too. We supply you with on-going Eco Reports, which let you measure and highlight your success on a regular basis. With Lexmark Eco Reports, you’ll always be ready to respond to sustainability-related questions with solid numbers and facts, such as the number of cartidges returned, kg of material saved from landfill and your positive impact on carbon emissions. Indeed, when you recycle a cartridge with Lexmark, you can reduce by up to 50% its total carbon footprint.