Large organisations


High expectations for high volumes!

If you’re using 40 or more cartridges per year, your sustainability potential is enormous. Depending on your needs, we’ll drop off the right-size containers or pallets directly at your front door, and pick them up when they’re full. We take care of everything so you can stay focused on your business.

IMPORTANT: You can also return Lexmark’s consummables spare parts. Please put a MIX of spare parts and cartridges inside the container box. In case a container is too full and/or heavy, it is better to use several containers. Lexmark accepts spare parts from the following printer models: C54x - C74x - C78/9x - C92x - CS31x - CS72x - CS82x - E36x - MS71x - MS81x - MX61x - T62/3/4/5x - W84x - X56x - X64x - X85x - X94/5x

What’s more, you can track your progress easily thanks to our on-going Eco Reports, which let you measure and highlight your success on a regular basis. With Lexmark Eco Reports, you’ll always be ready to respond to sustainability-related questions with solid numbers and facts, such as the number of cartidges returned, kg of material saved from landfill and your positive impact on carbon emissions. Indeed, when you recycle a cartridge with Lexmark, you can reduce by up to 50% its total carbon footprint.



Select and order the appropriate container size for your business: either a normal-size container or a large pallet container for very heavy volumes. We’ll deliver it straight to your door for free within seven days. When it’s full, use the convenient mobile app to scan the QR code and let us know it’s ready. We’ll come pick it up.


Fuser and Imaging kit

For individual return of fuser & imaging kit weighting less than 6 kg, please send an email to