Awards and Certificates

Lexmark Hungary is proud to share with you its recent awards acknowledging not only its business operation but also its CSR activities and excellent employer approach.


SSON Awards - Best Process Improvement & Innovation

International success by Hungarian experts: Lexmark’s Budapest SSC won SSON Shared Services & Outsourcing Excellence Award for the significant improvements realised in system efficiencies. Budapest SSC was commissioned with redefining the company’s Customer Setup process as it has already demonstrated its innovative and integrated approach in numerous international projects. The Hungarian team – János Szöcs, László Szabó, Ágnes Tóth – played a leading role in replanning the work process. Lexmark was presented the award during Shared Services & Outsourcing Week in Dublin.



CSR Hungary 2015 Award

Lexmark was honored in the Sustainable Large Company category, which recognizes the most prominent responsible and sustainable initiatives, products, services and products of companies operating in Hungary.



Family Friendly Workplace

The Lexmark Budapest Competence Center has received external recognition with two awards: one for innovation and the other for being a family friendly workplace.



EOQ Hungarian National Committee - Quality Innovative Company 2015

And the winner is… Lexmark Hungary won the “Quality Innovative Company 2015” award of the European Organisation for Quality (EOQ), Hungarian National Committee. Lexmark’s application introduced the high value added SSC in Budapest, explaining the successful implementation of different ISO and OHSAS systems, describing different projects among others: MPS operations, customer setup improvement, EMEA Environmental Compliance Governance and the improvement of the IT procurement. Peter Csucska, Managing Director represented the company at the award ceremony on November 10th.


Lexmark Hungary puts emphasis on quality management and environmental friendly operation. It is not only a declamation: the results are proven by the company’s various ISO certificates.


ISO 9000 - Quality management

The ISO 9000 family addresses various aspects of quality management and contains some of ISO’s best known standards. The standards provide guidance and tools for companies and organizations who want to ensure that their products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved.



ISO 14000 - Environmental management

The ISO 14000 family of standards provides practical tools for companies and organizations of all kinds looking to manage their environmental responsibilities.

ISO 14001:2015 and its supporting standards such as ISO 14006:2011 focus on environmental systems to achieve this. The other standards in the family focus on specific approaches such as audits, communications, labelling and life cycle analysis, as well as environmental challenges such as climate change.



Information technology - Radio frequency identification for item management

ISO/IEC TR 18001:2004 provides:

  • the result of three surveys identifying the applications for radio frequency identification (RFID) in an item management environment, and the resultant classification of these applications based on various operational parameters, including operating range and memory size;
  • an explanation of some of the issues associated with the parameters of distance and number of tags within an RFID interrogator's field-of-view;
  • a means by which classification of RF tags may be accomplished based on the application requirements defined in the survey results;
  • recommendations for areas of standardization to the parent committee (ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 31/WG 4) based on the results of these surveys.



Information technology - Security techniques - Information security management systems

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an information security management system within the context of the organization. It also includes requirements for the assessment and treatment of information security risks tailored to the needs of the organization. The requirements set out in ISO/IEC 27001:2013 are generic and are intended to be applicable to all organizations, regardless of type, size or nature.


Lexmark Hungary thrives on being a good corporate citizen and being active in the local business community, especially in those organisations that support environmental, quality, diversity issues, lean and quality management.

"We have been members of AmCham since 2008, and personally I am very enthusiastic about the work AmCham as an organisation does year by year whether it is a business networking event, charity initiatives, the high profile knowledge base or promoting the competitiveness of Hungary worldwide.”

Péter Csucska, Managing Director
Lexmark Hungary


AmCham - American Chamber of Commerce

AmCham Hungary is one of the largest American Chambers of Commerce in Central and Eastern Europe, representing American, international and local business interests in Hungary.

Lexmark membership


December 2015, on the annual assembly Lexmark’s Managing Director Péter Csucska was elected a board member of AmCham. More...

Joint events with AmCham

2016 - Language and Career Ambassador Program (ongoing event)
Lexmark has an active role in the Career Ambassador Program: this year 9 events have been organised so far, on each event 10-15 students from altogether 7 schools visited Lexmark. More...

May, 2016 – A Day to Make it Happen (ongoing event)
Year after year Lexmark joins AmCham’s initiative which this spring had a goal of supporting Families’ Temporary Home run by RÉS Foundation. More...

February, 2016 – 10,000 Steps Challenge (ongoing event)
Four Lexmark teams (28 employees) joined AmCham’s 10,000 Steps Challenge with the aim of doing 10,000 steps a day for 100 days. More...

December, 2015 – Visit My Workplace (ongoing event)
14 students of József Attila High School spent over 2 very active hours at Lexmark’s offices, guided by Péter Csucska and his four colleagues, introducing students to the world of Lexmark.

November, 2015 – Opening of the Hungarian Consulate General in Chicago
Péter Csucska, Managing Director of Lexmark Hungary represented the AmCham at the opening of the country’s consulate general in Chicago.

November, 2015 – Conference on Competitive Education
AmCham, HIPA and EMMI co-hosted a conference on Competitive Education where Lexmark's Managing Director, Péter Csucska was a participant at a discussion about career orientation. More...

October, 2015 – A Day to Make it Happen (ongoing event)
Volunteers refurbish the garden of the Bolyai Children’s Home in Budapest. More...

"Lexmark Budapest SSC has been  an active partner of HIPA since 2008 with a couple of joint programmes behind us. It was a great honour to participate in HIPA’s country image video promoting Hungary as a location for the international SCC community.”

Péter Csucska, Managing Director
Lexmark Hungary


HIPA - Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency

The Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA) was established under a Government Decree to provide professional help to foreign companies intending to invest in Hungary.

Please have a look at HIPA’s comprehensive brochure titled "Shared Service Centers in Hungary" that fills the gap in introducing the local SSC market.

Lexmark membership


Joint events with HIPA

November, 2016 – Conference on Competitive Education
AmCham, HIPA and EMMI co-hosted a conference on Competitive Education providing a platform for further cooperation between the players of education, the corporate sector and decision makers. The three roundtable discussions were focused on knowledge and competences, language skills and career orientation. Lexmark's Managing Director, Péter Csucska was a participant in the latter discussion.

Since 2008 - Reference Visits (ongoing activity)

Lexmark offers consultation to HIPA's clients - potential investors - to give them a better understanding about how it is to do business in Hungary and to provide unbiased relevant insights about labour market and the business environment.

"HOA is a determining / principal professional organisation of the SSC segment representing the interest of the local SSC community. It is our primary interest to be in close cooperation with the association as it offers a cooperative forum and regular meet-ups for its members where we can discuss each other’s challenges, ideas and suggestions and we act together to reach our goals”

Péter Csucska, Managing Director
Lexmark Hungary


HOA - Hungarian Outsourcing Association

HOA is an open, independent and professional association with the mission to promote the country's economic development by supporting the business services sector, through spreading opportunities to increase efficiency offered by organizational innovation and in particular through uptaking the concept of outsourcing.

Lexmark membership


Joint events with HOA

November, 2015 - HOA assembly at Lexmark
The Hungarian Outsourcing Association held its quarterly community meeting with 50 participants in mid-October. The meeting is usually a valuable networking session while at the same time participants had the opportunity to listen to SSC-related contents that support their business activities. Presentations were delivered by the member companies. After the session participants were invited to have a look around in the award winning Lexmark offices (Office of the Year 2013). The HOA event was hosted by Lexmark. More information.

"Lean approach is at the center of Lexmark’s work organisation methods. We are convinced that a lean work structure can get the most out of peoples’ creativity, ambition and capabilities. We are out for making lean culture more popular and widespread not only within the Lexmark group but also in Hungary. That was the reason why we happily joined the organisation.”

Balázs Somogyi
Quality Assurance and Environmental Protection Manager
Lexmark Hungary


LEI - Lean Enterprise Institute Hungary

Lean Enterprise Institute Hungary is a non-profit association with 16 private person members and 4 firms as founding members. The main mission of the organization is to promote lean thinking and make it available in Hungarian for everyone, right from the original source, through available books, publications and summits. 

Lexmark membership


Joint events with LEI

February, 2016 - Lean Manager Round Table at Lexmark
At the gathering Péter Csucska, Managing Director of Lexmark Hungary introduced the European Service Center of Lexmark to the guests. The program was followed by the lecture of Balázs Somogyi, Health and Safety manager about the early implementation phase of the lean culture and how lean developments support the company and its clients. More...

2014 – LEI Lean Training
Lexmark hosted an event of the American LeanCor company about lean management practices. There were about 20 participants from various Hungarian companies.

"Circular Economy is a concept first defined by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Lexmark is a member of the foundation at international level as it is highly committed to the idea of accelerating the transition to a circular economy.  Lexmark Hungary was happy to join Circular Economy Foundation’s Circular Economy Club, the Hungarian representative of the idea. So far Lexmark has been the largest multinational company who joined the Club.”

Alexandra Major
Environment Compliance Expert
Lexmark Hungary


KGA - Foundation for Circular Economy / Circular Economy Club

The Foundation for Circular Economy (FCE) was established in 2013 as a private and independent initiative to promote the circular economy in Hungary and worldwide. The primary aim of the FCE is create a platform and a knowledge centre where business, academia, local and regional authorities as well as NGOs can collaborate in collecting, sharing, spreading and raising awareness of the knowledge, experience and practice related to circular economy.

Lexmark membership (Circular Economy Club)

Founding member, April, 2016

Circular economy related news

July, 2016
Lexmark takes its #CSR very seriously, take a look at the KPIs they have set for themselves
#Savetheenvironment More...

June 2016
How does #Lexmark's award winning LCCP programme far exceed industry averages?
#Sustainability More...

May, 2016 – For a cleaner environment
On the apropos of The Earth Day, 24 Lexmark volunteers and their families participated at a project organised by the Békatutaj Association. The aim of the activity was to clean Lake Tisza by collecting garbage, plastic bottles and tyres in the surroundings of Sarud public beach. The Lexmark group – together with other volunteers - canoed around the lake and collected more than 30 bags of garbage. The day ended with a goulash party hosted by the association. Regional press covered the campaign For more pictures:

April 2016
Ever wondered how Lexmark recycles waste paper into pulp that’s molded into packing material? #LCCP More...

April, 2016
How can your business reduce its carbon footprint through smarter printing? #EarthDay More...

February, 2016
#Lexmark is at @Bitkom today to discuss the importance of the circular economy and #remanufacturing More...

January, 2016
#Lexmark issues a call-to-action in Europe to curb waste in the printer cartridge industry More...

January, 2016 - Lexmark Hungary, an SSC with pioneering roles
Environment protection, quality management, healthcare and security – responsibilities beyond traditional SCC functionalities. Leveraging ISO certificates? Preparing for the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive of the EU? Setting up of a knowledge base of environmental regulations? Promoting lean culture within the organisation? Learn more about Lexmark Hungary’s practice on all the above! More...

May, 2015
Lexmark becomes a member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s “Circular Economy 100”, a global platform that brings together innovative businesses to address the issues around the transition to the circular economy model. More...

December, 2015
#Lexmark is committed to responsible water disposal and recycling. This #infographic shows how we do it. More...  

"By joining the charter, Lexmark delivers a clear message: the company believes in organisational diversity and is willing to do for it. Lexmark is a multicolour workplace: at present 27 different nationalities are working at our Budapest office.”

Balázs Somogyi
Quality Assurance and Environmental Protection Manager
Lexmark Hungary


Diversity Charter - Sokszínűségi Egyezmény

Diversity Charter is a platform for organisations and professionals committed to equal opportunities and diversity in the workplace to share their knowledge. Its objective is to ease proper integration of disadvantaged individuals on the labour market through the training of corporate professionals, research and the sharing of knowledge and best practices.

Lexmark membership


Joint events with Diversity Charter

October, 2015 - Standing by diversity
Lexmark Hungary joined the Diversity Charter on October 15th. The Charter outlines the measures a company will undertake to promote diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace, regardless of race or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability and religion. By joining the charter, Lexmark delivers a clear message: the company believes in organisational diversity and is willing to do for it. Balázs Somogyi, Quality and Environment Manager signed the agreement on behalf of Lexmark. More...
Teaeser video:

"Lexmark is a proud member of the Europan Organization for Quality, a European interdisciplinary organization striving for effective improvement in the sphere of quality. Their Hungarian national unit is called EOQ Hungarian National Committee. With our membership we express our commitment towards quality principles and leveraging it in our corporate culture as well as in our wider environment.

Krisztina Károlyi
Quality and Environmental Manager
Lexmark Hungary


EOQ - European Organisation for Quality, Hungarian National Committee

The main objectives of the organisation are to represent the Hungarian quality community in EOQ and in other international quality organisations; and the dissemination of quality knowledge to the local quality experts thus contributing to the development of quality products and services. The Hungarian National Committee of the European Organisation for Quality has been a member of the European Organization for Quality since its foundation in 1972.

Lexmark membership


Joint events with EOQ HNC

2016 – CSR Manager Training
Alexandra Major participated a CSR manager training at EOQ HNC and was awarded a certificate.