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Lexmark X1110

N. parte: 17M1103

Descrizione prodotto

All-In-One Creative Centre

All you need

The X1110 is an all-around all-in-one that works as a full-feature printer with 4800 x 1200 dpi, photo quality, and great speed (up to 12 ppm in black with the optional black cartridge and 7 ppm in colour). But in a machine little bigger than a standard printer, you also have a powerful 600 x 1200 dpi scanner that lets you scan to enlarge photos, email photos and other documents to friends and relatives. Use the scanner with the free software included with your X1110 to send and receive faxes via your PC modem, or with the printer to turn your machine into a full-colour copier to reproduce photos, flyers and other artwork for your family and friends, copy administrative documents, bills, receipts, etc., or simply copy an article for your neighbour. With the X1110 you get three products for little more than the price of one!

A Printer, a Scanner, a Copier

Combining three functions in one machine means you save precious space in your home office. The X1110 is so compact it fits right on your desk next to your computer, ready at arm's length for all your printing/scanning/copying needs, and its sleek design and modern silver and grey colours let your AIO fit in with the latest computer and home electronics equipment.

Easy to use

Despite the range of features, the X1110 remains easy to use. The operator panel works with just five buttons, so even novice users can carry out all routine tasks, while for an even wider range of options, you can take advantage of the easy-to-use software interface included with your machine to preview, copy, scan and create, all in a single window. There's no new software to learn: everything is available at a mouse click, yet you can quickly go beyond the basics to take on more sophisticated features such as photo editing, faxing, or scanning to your word processing software (OCR).

Specifiche generali

N. parte 17M1103
Tecnologia di stampa
  • Getto d'inchiostro termico
  • Stampa a colori
  • Scansione a colori
  • Copia a colori tramite PC
Formati carta supportati
  • Kakugata 6, 7 busta 3/4, 9 busta, A4, legale, A5, Lettera, Busta B5, dichiarazione, Busta C5, Busta DL, 6 3/4 -Busta, L, 2L, Chokei 3, Chokei 4, Chokei 40, Kakugata 3, Kakugata 4, Kakugata 5, A2 Baronial, A6-Biglietto, B5, C6-Busta, Custom (fino 216 mm x 432 mm), Hagak-Biglietto, Index Biglietto, Esecutivo, 10 buste
Connettività standard
  • USB compatibile con le specifiche USB 2.0
Dim. (mm A x L x P)
  • 163 x 445 x 308 mm
  • 4.5 Kg
Dimensioni imballo (mm - A x L x P)
  • 240 x 558 x 411 mm
Peso dell'imballo (kg)
  • 4.9 Kg


Velocità massima della Copia
  • Fino a:
  • Colori: 4 cpm (Draft)
  • 25 - 400 %


Velocità massima di stampa
  • Fino a:
  • Mono: 12 ppm (Draft)
  • Colori: 7 ppm (Draft)
Risoluzione di stampa
  • nero: Fino a 2400 x 1200 dpi
  • colore: Fino a 2400 x 1200 dpi


Area massima di scansione
  • 216 x 297 mm (mm)
Tecnologia di scansione
  • CIS (Contact Image System)
Risoluzione di scansione
  • Avanzata: Up to 9600 ppi
  • Ottica: 600 x 1200 dpi

Gestione carta

Supporti di stampa
  • Striscione (A4 o Lettera), Cartoncino Hagaki, Index Card (3" x 5"), Etichette, Carta Fotografica, Trasferibili, Cartoncino, Carta bianca, Carta patinata, Lucidi, Buste

Sistemi operativi supportati

Sistemi Operativi Supportati
  • Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, Apple Mac OS 9.2.2 con carbonlib 1.6, Apple Mac OS X (10.1.5), Apple Mac OS X (10.2.3-10.2.8), Microsoft Windows Vista

Caratteristiche elettriche e operative

Livello di rumore in funzione
  • <44 dBA (Stampa)
  • <44 dBA (copiatore)
  • <38 dBA (Scansione)

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Materiali di consumo Return Program

  • Materiali di consumo venduti a un prezzo scontato rispetto ai prezzi delle cartucce normali
  • I clienti accettano di utilizzare le cartucce solo una volta e di restituirle a Lexmark perché vengano rigenerate o riciclate.
  • Nota: non tutti i materiali di consumo sono disponibili attraverso il Return Program

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Materiali di consumo normali

  • Materiali di consumo venduti a prezzi normali
  • Le cartucce sono comunque riciclabili a costo zero tramite il Cartridge Collection Program di Lexmark. Ulteriori informazioni.

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Altri materiali di consumo

  • Kit immagini
  • Unità sviluppatore
  • Contenitori toner di scarto, ecc.

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