C792 Banner Media Tray


The Banner Media Tray is an extension of the Multi Purpose Feeder and allows the automatic feeding of up to 50 sheets of 24 lb. banner paper. It also serves as an extension of the output tray, to hold the printed banner paper as it exits from the printer.

This tray supports banner paper in sizes from 8.27 to 8.5 inches wide (210 to 216 mm) to 14 to 48 inches long (355 to 1219 mm), for weights from 24 to 36 lb. (90 to 135 gsm). The stack height is 10 mm.

Banner paper must be printed with Paper Weight set to Heavy

All media which can be fed from the Multi Purpose Feeder can be used when the Banner Media Tray is attached.

The tray cannot be used with a finisher, stacker or mailbox. Banner paper is not supported using duplex mode.

기술 사양

부품 번호
최대 용지 입력 용량
최대 50 20 lb 또는 75gsm 본드지의 페이지 수
용지 무게 지원 범위 (gsm)
90 - 176 gsm
지원되는 용지 종류
배너 용지
패키지 크기 (mm - H x W x D)
505 x 860 x 820 mm
제품 중량 (포장재 제외) (kg)
12.7 kg
제품 크기 (mm - H x W x D)
In: 210 x 1150 x 290, Out: 650 x 740 x 280 mm
중량 (kg)
In: 4.7, Out: 3.6 kg
United States