#41A / 18Y0341E


Vibrant, Resilient Results!

The unique pigment based formulation of evercolor™2 ink combines exceptional resilience with improved archivability.

Fade Resistant

When evercolor™2 ink is printed on Lexmark PerfectFinish™ photo paper, photos can last up to 100 years in normal display conditions or stored in albums.*

For best photo results, use genuine Lexmark PerfectFinish photo paper

Water Resistant

With water-resistant ink, your prints stay intact even if they get wet.


From presentations to special occasion photos, evercolor™2 ink achieves vibrant, resilient results.

Page yields may vary based on factors such as machine model, media, print mode, print file type and print applications.

Specificaţii tehnice

Cod de produs
Valoare capacitate
Capacitate medie declarată, obţinută prin imprimare continuă pe o faţă (simplex)
Până la 210 pagini standard în conformitate cu standardul ISO/IEC 24711.
Durata de viaţă pe raft
2 Ani
Dimensiuni pachet ambalat(mm - Î x L x l)
98 x 70 x 38 mm
Greutate pachet (kg)
0.06 kg
Dimensiuni colet (mm - Î x L x l)
215 x 240 x 150 mm
Greutate colet (kg)
1.58 kg
Cantitate colete
Ţara de origine