Quocirca names Lexmark a leader in MPS

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Lexmark enables your vision for print simplicity, security, savings and sustainability

About Quocirca

Quocirca is a global market insight and research firm specialising in analysing the convergence of print and digital technologies in the future workplace. Since 2006, Quocirca played an influential role in advising clients on major shifts in the market. Its consulting and research are at the forefront of the rapidly evolving print services and solutions market, trusted by clients that are seeking new strategies to address disruptive technologies.

1 Quocirca Managed Print Services Market Landscape, 2022

A leading player’: Quocirca Managed Print Services Market Landscape, 2022

Report Summary

Quocirca, a global market insight and research firm, defines leaders those that have made significant investments in their service portfolio and infrastructure and are supported by strong delivery capabilities.

The report highlighted several facets of Lexmark’s managed print services (MPS) offering that drove its leadership position:

• A technology-driven approach, including the use of emerging technologies such as cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT) and interactive analytics.

• The “innovative1” Smart Refresh programme, which uses data and analytics to replace only the devices in customer fleets that are truly at the end of their life.

• The ability to provide MPS to organisations of all sizes.

• Vertical industry expertise: “Sector specialists understand the industry’s nuances, underlying challenges and objectives, and thus add value to MPS engagements1."

• Security: “Lexmark maintains a tenacious focus on security and envelops MPS engagements in comprehensive security practices that include network, device and document security features1."

The Lexmark Global IoT System is a key differentiator. Rather than use multiple systems to track billing or service, or systems split by geography, Lexmark’s single system provides complete visibility in one location.¹

Louella Fernandes