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2011 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Customer Experience

When our customers buy Lexmark products, they can be assured they're purchasing from a company that is not only determined to provide a quality product and unique solution at a good value, but that is sensitive to health, safety and environmental issues.

At Lexmark, the impacts of our products are analyzed at all life-cycle stages that include concept, research, manufacturing, distribution, storage, disposal, reuse and recycling. Our products are designed not only to perform beyond our customers' expectations, but to exceed stringent standards for the welfare of our customers, as well as for the sustainability of the environment.

We've made notable progress in these areas, and emerging technologies offer us exciting possibilities for future breakthroughs. In exploring this section of our CSR report, you'll come to understand the firm commitment Lexmark has made to these issues and the outstanding dedication of our employees to making Lexmark products the health, safety and environmental standard by which all others are judged.


Product Accessibility
Product accessibility for everyone

Improving product usability for customers with disabilities creates a better user experience for all our customers.
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Innovation fuels new solutions

Innovation is fostered at Lexmark in a variety of ways, including a series of  symposiums and presentations.
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Understanding Our Customers
Understanding and solving customers’ needs

Lexmark has a corporate vision of “Customers For Life.” 
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Lexmark News Channel
Using social media to support customers

The Lexmark News Channel on YouTube has helpful videos our customers can access.
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