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2011 Corporate Social Responsibility Report


Lexmark owns or leases facilities used for manufacturing or research and development in the United Sates, Mexico and the Philippines. Though Lexmark does not operate in areas that are known to be protected or home to IUCN Red List species and has no future plans to operate in these areas, we take care to ensure that all operations do no harm to the local environment.

Lexmark is particularly sensitive to the need for care with operations in the Philippines. Many organizations recognize the entire country as an area of high biodiversity. Lexmark owns two facilities in the Philippines. The Lexmark Research and Development Corporation (LRDC) located in Cebu, Philippines, is a 30,817 m2 research and development operation. Lexmark International Philippines, Inc. (LIPI), located in Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines, is a 33,817 m2 manufacturing facility. Lexmark employees in the Philippines work diligently to restore nearby habitats, focusing on reforestation and watershed protection. Lexmark employees in Cebu, Philippines, continued their efforts with the Buhisan Watershed Project, a habitat protection and rehabilitation program that was implemented in 2008. Lexmark’s effort to participate in the Save the Buhisan Watershed activity with the help of Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP), a non-government organization, helps to ensure safe drinking water supply for Cebu and promotes diversity by planting indigenous trees. Lexmark also participated in the reforestation of two hectares of the protected zone.

mangrove planting planting planting planting

Mangrove reforestation

Tree planting in Cebu

Buhisan Watershed

Save the Buhisan
Watershed Project

The use of Lexmark products requires paper, the manufacture of which has impacts on the environment, specifically natural resource consumption (trees) and use of water. To give back or undo our impact, many of Lexmark’s community engagement efforts are focused on reforestation and watershed protection. Here are a few examples.

Buhisan Watershed Donor's Recognition Day

In March 2011, officials and employees of Lexmark Research and Development Corporation (LRDC) and Lexmark International Philippines Inc. (LIPI) attended the Save the Buhisan Watershed Project Donor's Recognition and Forum at the MCWD facility in the Buhisan Watershed and Forest Reserve.

The Save the Buhisan Watershed Project was organized by partners from the public and private sectors and aims to sustain the Buhisan Watershed through alliances of eco-friendly businesses and environmental rehabilitation initiatives like reforestation. The event was our opportunity to acknowledge the institutions that have made our success in the Buhisan Watershed possible.

This affair showcased the different projects we have implemented in Buhisan, which are sustainable and replicable examples of corporate social responsibility initiatives.

The Save the Buhisan Watershed Project was launched as part of Cebu’s environmental response to the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals. During the last three years, we worked with some 20 partners and donors and collectively mobilized 5.6 million Philippine pesos to support various projects.

The Blessing and Inauguration of the Nature Center was funded by LIPI and LRDC and was followed by a walk through the Buhisan Reservoir.


With the aim of having a sustainable water resource available for Cebu, where LIPI and LRDC have facilities, a Buhisan Watershed and Forest Reserve enhancement planting activity was conducted. Employees from different department areas of LIPI and LRDC participated in this activity and they were able to plant over 3000 seedlings of native trees. Lexmark employees in the Philippines have sponsored annual mangrove reforestation activities since 2002.


Nature Conservancy Tree Planting

It took approximately 25 million pieces of paper to do necessary testing before launching our new OfficeEdge Series of business inkjet MFPs. To replace 25 million pieces of paper, we would need to re-plant approximately 3,000 trees. We are working with the Nature Conservancy to replant 6,000 trees in a nature preserve in Garrard County so that we will more than offset the impact.

Lexmark supports Land and Biodiversity through our Customer Engagement, below are a few examples:

Reforest the Bluegrass

The 12th annual Reforest the Bluegrass event, co-sponsored by Lexmark, was held at Liberty Park in Lexington. Lexmark volunteers helped to replace trees that have been lost to disease and storm damage. Over the years, our employees have volunteered and contributed to the planting of more than 200,000 tree seedlings.

Cane Run Cleanup

Again, in 2011, Lexmark volunteers helped collect trash along the banks of Cane Run Creek in Lexington. In addition, our employee-volunteers helped haul away invasive and undesirable honeysuckle.


tree planting

tree planting

tree planting

tree planting

Lexmark employees and families at "Reforest the Bluegrass"

Cane Run Creek

Cane Run Creek

Trees for Tracks

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